Tips for Saving Money on School Supplies

School supplies are linked with autumn leaves and going back to school, yet many schools require the purchase of supplies throughout the year. Buying supplies for special field trips and class projects in addition to the core list of staple items can really add up over time, particularly if you’ve only budgeted for the start of the year. By taking stock of the items you already have, you may find that you can reuse them later on. The following are a few tips to saving money on school supplies while still making school fun for your child.

Compare Online Prices

Today’s retailers are extremely competitive, and you can use the power of online shopping to hunt down some real bargains. You can get older children involved in this comparison, teaching them about economics and turning the search for the most affordable school supplies into a game at the same time. Create a family scavenger hunt, searching for coupons, advertisements, and special online deals. Buying your school name tags and supplies online will also save you gas money. Although special prices on school supplies are advertised most heavily during the start of the school year, some of the best deals can actually be found just after the year begins. Playing the waiting game can pay off.

Buy Generic Brands and Customise Supplies

Generic brands of school supplies are cheaper than the brand names, and they also provide a clean slate for your children to work with. You can purchase blank binders, folders, and school notebooks, and then allow your children to personalise them. They can use their own name tags UK, glitter, markers, and stickers to create a fun and unique look for their set of supplies.

Build your Arts and Crafts Collection

Having art supplies around is not only a good way to keep the kids occupied on a rainy day. Chances are, they will have school projects that flex their creativity through the use of art. Pick up some basic items such as crayons, waterproof paints, markers, watercolour paper and multi-coloured felt-tipped pens. You can then add to this with scrap fabrics, coloured papers, glitter pens, and other assorted items you see on sale throughout the year. Over time, you’ll build an impressive art supply stash for your kids to dip into whenever necessary. Even better, this will spare you from the need to go out and purchase new art supplies for every school project.

Keep a Running Inventory

To avoid getting thrown for a loop by a sudden school supply list in the future, you can keep a running tally of all the products you’ve purchased. Buying basic supplies in bulk, such as ballpoint pens or crayons, can help you get through school years with multiple children. Many items can be reused, such as rulers or plastic scissors. You can pool your own office supplies with your child’s school supplies for an all-purpose supply closet that gets restocked throughout the year whenever you see a good bargain.

8 thoughts on “Tips for Saving Money on School Supplies

  1. Pearl

    this is my constant concern with my kids, I don’t keep a steady supply of most items, I just buy it “as needed” whenever my kids call me or text me that they need something… so, maybe i should really keep stock of some items.

  2. Jhari

    Oh this post is a great one Mommy Paula. Thanks for sharing. My daughter will be in school next year Insha Allah, God willing. This gave me a one step ahead already.

  3. Grace | Domestic Diva

    i would keep this in mind. I thought of buying school supplies for my birthday next year so I can donate to the Project Shoebox. maybe shopping for school supplies by February is actually a good idea rather than do it before the coming school year. 😀


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