On Our Way to Church

On our way to church last Sunday we stopped by Jollibee at SLEX. We were already famished having gone out without eating any breakfast and since we’re early we decided to kill some time on the way. Chewee came along with us since we can’t live him alone in the house if we will be gone for more than a day. We usually spend the weekend at my in-laws so we’ll be gone for two days. The trouble with having a dog along is you can’t bring him inside fast foods except for places where they have outdoor eating and good thing this Jollibee branch has that.

The only thing was the area where we could sit was on the second floor and near some railings. I know it was made with wrought iron railing parts which is sturdy but I was still nervous because kids can be so naughty and you never know what could happen. But we had no choice so we stayed put hoping they will stay still. But the kids want to admire the view. Of course, Zack was not content just standing he had to climb up the railings to have a better look.


Moms, don’t panic with what you see because there’s still about two feet of area beyond the railings. Still we were worried Zack would fall down after he decided to traverse the railings from one side to another. Just look at his face here you just knew he’s planning something wicked. haha!


Anyway, as soon as we finished eating we hurriedly went on our way. Zack didn’t want to stop and Chewee made a mess underneath the table. Ooops!

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