Not So Ready for Boracay

In two months we will be going to Boracay. We’re excited because it will be our first time to go to this famous beach. It has been voted as number two best beach destination in the whole world . So to say that there will be lots of tourists there is expected.

But we have one problem. We are not yet ready for that beach body. Staying at home has been tough on me and my husband – specifically on our tummies. Since the fridge is just in the other room we can indulge in food to eat anytime we want. Having two kids doesn’t help either because what they don’t finish we feel obligated to eat to avoid any waste.

But oh, we have to stop that bad habit right away or else we’ll have to wear our pajamas on the beach to hide our flabs. But if what I heard about red cell press is true then maybe we don’t have to lose weight through sheer willpower alone. Maybe we can get some help from Red press cell which is an appetite suppressant and can make you feel full even if you’re not. Since we don’t exercise anymore then maybe this is our only chance in losing weight.

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