No Work Monday

Hi everyone! How’s your Monday so far? Mine is not so hectic and I’m here at my in-law’s house in Paranaque. Ooops, I haven’t told you that hubby asked his boss to adjust his work schedule. So now instead of him working from Monday to Friday his new sched is now Tuesday to Saturday. The reason why is we have so many paperworks to process and IDs to get. You all know hubby used to work in a call center but he resigned a year ago. Working at home is so much better but the downside is he has to pay for his SSS, Philhealth, and Pag-ibig himself. Yes, that’s one of the downside of working at home. Take note, if you’re thinking of becoming a freelancer in the future you have to factor in consideration the extra payments you have to make to be able to continue paying for these benefits. In a regular office setting your employer will pay for half and deduct from your salary the other half but in an online setting you will pay the full cost by yourself.

In short, hubby wasn’t able to continue paying for these for a full year but after fixing his papers at SSS and Pag-ibig last Monday he is now a member again. Had we known it’ll be so easy we would have taken cared of this earlier. The only one left now is his Philhealth membership which he will take care of next week. This week he’ll process the papers required to start our house construction, the one we left behind because we kept on getting flooded. Hopefully, he’ll be able to finish everything before the year ends so by next year we can start with the building phase. So wish us luck!

Let me leave you pictures of the kids taken just this morning.

The cousins had cereal for breakfast.

Daddy took the kids and Chewee, our dog, around the neighborhood.


Chewee had a haircut at Animal House, SM Bicutan. Chewee’s haircut and grooming is so expensive but it’s worth it. Hubby regularly gives him a bath but it’s different at Animal House. Aside from shaving his thick hair, they also cut his nails, clean his ears, and brush his teeth.


Chewee feeling so much better after his haircut. His groomer discovered he has a cut in his foot because his nail has gotten so long. So that’s why he looked unhappy these past few weeks. But we’re so glad he’s back to his fine self now.

11 thoughts on “No Work Monday

  1. RonLeyba

    Being a freelancer, more importantly if you have a family and kids to feed, is kind of a tough job. Not for the weak of heart I suppose.

    About the services, I use to pay a full year contribution so less hassle for me in terms of paying them out.

    Happy Monday Paula!

    1. admin Post author

      Great advice, Ron! Maybe we can do that too because for sure we’ll keep forgetting to pay it every Month.

  2. Aileen

    I hope someday I could transition to working at home but now is not a good time for me. Part time could probably work better with me. At least I have a regular job and hopefully, get writing assignments in the future.

  3. Marie

    I have no other wish than to work at home :) But like Aileen, I feel part time is better. My only complaint is that online writing jobs pay sooo low. When applying for part time writing jobs, they always get the ones who bid lower :(

  4. January

    The company we work for (hubby & I) was a GOCC so were automatically GSIS members. But aside from the GSIS we also applied for SSS and paid our own minimum contributions quarterly. But after PGMA privatized our company, no more GSIS and our SSS contributions are now salary deducted.

  5. ceemee

    When I resigned from work, I didn’t want to let go of Philhealth and SSS benefits, so I pay for them for a year so I won’t keep forgetting and so that I could use just one payment form. I’m thankful hubby’s business could afford me being a SAHM, although I still like to have my own money to spend guiltless-ly.

  6. Vera

    Hello Chewee! I loved seeing my dog in puppy cut too after a grooming session with professionals. Ibang iba ang dating. We try to bring the dog for grooming once a month, or once every two months kung kulang ang budget. Shih tzu din yung baby namin but we had to find him a new home kasi masyado syang excitable, mahirap with a baby in the house eh dati regular umuuwi dito yung pamangkin ko.

    Anyway…. it’s good that you were able to take care of everything in terms of your hubby’s government obligations. In the long run beneficial talaga yan para sa inyo. :)


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