How To Find Clothes that Fit Right

Nothing infuriates my husband more than me spending 20 minutes (or more) looking for clothes but coming back empty handed afterwards. Imagine this scene. I go into a boutique. Disappear in the heaps of clothes for 15 minutes frantically fitting clothes on and hoping I would find one I like. Meanwhile, he stays outside trying to take care of the two kids. The minutes drag on and the kids get rowdier by the minute. By the time I come out he’s exhausted and when he sees me empty handed he feels I’ve wasted our time. Although he’s right, I find myself getting defensive that it’s not my fault if I don’t find clothes that fit right for me.

So you can imagine the tension between us when we’re out shopping!

It came to the point that I didn’t like shopping for clothes anymore. I even wanted to hire a stylist just so I can find clothes that would look good on me. (I just wish! haha)

Anyway, this all changed when I realized I can find the best fitting clothes in less than five minutes at any given store if I just do this one single thing…

This realization happened after I just had my nails done at Nailaholics. I was alone that time so I decided to check some clothes after. Since I was already running late and the baby was waiting for me I asked the sales lady if she could help me find clothes that fit well. She didn’t waste any time and came back with one suggestion after the other. In less than a minute I was holding five clothes in my arms I even asked her if I am allowed to fit it all at once.

Once inside I was surprised the clothes fit well. I even took a shot so you could see.

I like that this added volume to my straight body. haha! But I didn’t buy coz it doesn’t suit my skin tone.

Good thing they have it in blue. This is now sitting in my closet.

I also bought another one which I forgot to take a picture. It was a floral blouse with three fourth sleeves. I admit I would have bought more if I don’t have a budget. These clothes I would not even think of trying out but thanks to helpful attendants they were able to point out those worth fitting right away.


16 thoughts on “How To Find Clothes that Fit Right

  1. RonLeyba

    This is why I always end up waiting at any arcade/video game shop my my wifey is busy buying her clothes. Hehe. Girls really needs time before they can decide what to buy.

  2. Tondogirl

    I love shopping but with my hectic schedule I don’t have enough time to roam around the mall anymore. My to go shop will always be Forever 21. With my always changing body size, F21 will always be my friend because it’s not too expensive and they have a some very stylish clothes.

    By the way, I’m lovin’ your blue top!

  3. The Joyful Crafter

    That happens to me too… And I sometimes I feel sad when I see the look on the hubby’s face, haha! It’s hard to be a girl!!! Lol.

    I think the peach/light pink top looks good on you too… Or it could also be because I prefer those colors more than blues, etc. =)

    I’m back at CommEx… and it feels SO good to be!

  4. Khim

    Sometimes, when I have a walk, I always have hard time picking what to wear. 🙂 I even bought t-shirts so that I will not look for anything more.

  5. kat

    When there are helpful sales assistants, I cannot not buy the clothes I am fitting. Dyahe kasi. hehehe But I never regretted buying the clothes, though. If only all sales assistants are that helpful, patay na budget ko. LOL!

  6. Lalah

    I so can relate with that 15 minutes after… 30 minutes after I still have nothing in my arm. Those friendly attendants are really a great help. 🙂

  7. Sanna

    I love the style of the blouse. I will do what you suggested. Like you, I spent lots of time fitting and comeout of the room empty handed. Ang hirap mamili ng perfecr clothes. Mynhubby gets frustrated and ako din.

  8. verna

    This is why my sisters and I don’t like shopping for clothes with our dad. Haha. He could wait at a cafe, but he’d still end up rushing no matter what. Men don’t understand that if it takes us 3 hours to find good clothes to wear outside, at home, with all the choices at the mall, it’s a luck to find one within 6 hours. Haha. I’m exaggerating, alright. But it’s just hard to find clothes that fit right.


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