Facebook Follow Party Starts Now!

Party time, BC Bloggers!

If you RSVPd last time then you will find your page below. Now let’s start partying and like each other’s pages!

– Changed https://mtgambrocio/ to https://www.facebook.com/pages/Nanay-Blogs/285230428170202!
Others don’t have an FB Page so please just copy their url and add them as a friend.

Thank you!

Fixed errors for Pepperific Life and The Vagabond Mom.
As for the others, they are personal pages so we have to add them as a friend. Do as Tet did in the comments section, copy the address in a different tab and add them as a friend manually. Thanks!

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45 thoughts on “Facebook Follow Party Starts Now!


    Hello Mommy Paula,

    I’m done liking all the pages. I used my facebook page (onlinemommycorner) to like the other pages. There are some entries which are not pages but personal accounts thus, it could not be liked.

  2. Mai

    liked everyone on the list. except for these pages: iwillwaiforyou, leirs, the-vagabond-mom, Pepperrific, susanhuberpeck, mtgambrocio

    will join next time. thanks, paula.

  3. Jovell

    done, but I would have preferred to like their FB pages for those who submitted their personal profiles so we get updates from the pages that way personal statuses are not included, if you know what I mean 🙂

  4. Janice

    Been back several times to try the other pages again but until now there are 5 that still have errors. 🙁 They seem to be personal FB accounts and not pages.


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