Counting Our Blessings

Seeing flyers of the Toyota Avalon incentives you can get when buying a new car makes me want to go spend money we don’t have on a brand new car to replace our old one. The incentives are there to entice people and they sure are hard to resist. It doesn’t help that hubby has been complaining about our car more than usual the past few months.

But we must practice restraint and learn to be patient. Buying a new car is not in our priorities for this year. Our priority is to build a sustainable business first which can fund our needs and if God willing some of our wants too in the future. Since we have just started we are still a long way to go.

In the meantime we have to learn to be content. The most important thing is we are happy as a family. We may drive a rickety car and we might not have a house of our own but what we have is one another. The most important thing is our marriage is going strong, we have two kids who mean the world to us, jobs that put food on the table, and lots of love to go around.

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