Billing and Subscription Management Made Easy – Plus Survey Question at the End

I have been blogging about (and promoting – I hope you don’t mind) my online furniture shop for a few weeks now. I am so glad that after months of trying and failing to set it up and finally relocating to be able to live closer to my Dad – who owns the physical store by the way – it’s finally up and running! Can you believe this? No, it still doesn’t have a billing software and customer Subscription Management in place but as long as potential buyers can view the products we have and send me a message for inquiry it was enough for the time being. Thank God I’ve been receiving inquiries daily and has so far sold a few items.

My first ever customer was living in the UK so when I asked for her bank information she told me that she couldn’t deposit the payment in the local bank and would have to use her credit. Good thing I had experience with Paypal for a few years now and was able to charge her for her purchase electronically by manually sending her an invoice and asking her to input her credit card details on the website that popped up after the link.

If I had it easy on my first customer, my second customer had a more difficult time. After sending the invoice I waited for the payment to go through. I waited for 30 minutes but no payment came in. So I followed up and he said he was having trouble paying with his Standard Chartered credit card. It took him two hours before the payment was finally made and it’s a miracle that he had the patience to wait for it to go through. Other customers won’t be that patient and I would suffer from loss of sales right away.

That’s why I’m thinking of asking for professional help in billing my future customers. I researched online and found out that a good customer experience would allow them to pay on your website and not direct them to another website for payment. The former would allow you to close more sales while the latter can lose you customers in the process. Chargify is a reputable billing system that is run and managed by professionals. They can help online store owners like myself to integrate a billing system seamlessly in our sites. Plus customers are assured that their credit cards are safe because everything is handled by professionals.

Now I have a question for my dear readers. As an online consumer what payment method do you use/like most? What do you think is the safest? I hope you can help me improve my store by answering my survey. TIA!

This is a sponsored post for Chargify, however, all the points and views are my own.

5 thoughts on “Billing and Subscription Management Made Easy – Plus Survey Question at the End

  1. Olga

    I’m very cautious of using my credit card for online purchases. I usually opt for Paypal transactions. When dealing with local businesses, I still prefer bank deposits or online bank transfers.

  2. Daddy Yashiro

    not really much of an online shopper but I prefer using paypal when paying its more convenient for me. though I have a online account in some banks I’m hesitant in using it when purchasing online.

  3. Aileen

    Paypal seems to be the safest that I know of, so far. I am not familiar with other online payment options kasi aside from using your credit card details. First time I heard of chargify


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