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One of my most favorite furniture in our house is our king sized bed. It may be just a simple bed but it’s spacious and sturdy. When I gave birth to Zack, my biggest dilemma was how will the five of us fit in one single bed? You know our first born Z has been cosleeping with us ever since he was born and I didn’t want to tell him to move to his own bed because of his younger brother. I wanted him to feel that nothing has changed and his younger brother didn’t replace him. Plus I felt he was not ready to move to his own bed yet.

So I requested my father to give us this king sized bed as a gift. He was supposed to give us a crib for Zack but I knew we wouldn’t be able to use it because I was breastfeeding him anyway. I told him what we really need was a huge bed to fit our growing family.

And he didn’t disappoint because a month after Zack was born this huge bed came to our doorstep. Z was thrilled with the big bed. Meanwhile, I was very happy we finally have enough space for all of us. This is a picture of our bed. I know it could use some nfl bedding sets to spruce it up but for now this simple white bed sheet will do. Z slept in this bed for almost two years more but now I’m happy to report that he has willingly moved to his very own bed. We didn’t have to force him. He did it on his own. I am so happy that he was able to transition smoothly.


Anyway, if you are looking for wooden beds just like ours we have lots of beds for sale in different sizes.

We have a double bed with the same headboard like ours.


And one with a solid headboard.


We also have a double deck for the kids.



If you want more value for your money this is the kind of bed for you. Don’t buy those metal beds because they creak and won’t last long. When we got flooded, we didn’t have to worry about our bed because we know it will survive even if it was covered with water for days on end. And just look at it, still looks as good as new and will most likely be with us for a long, long time.

15 thoughts on “Bed Frames For Sale

  1. Claudine | My Kimcheed Life

    How old is your eldest? Mine is 8 and he refuses to move into his own room. For one, he’s a scaredy cat so the thought of sleeping alone terrifies him. Naturally, my younger kids copy their kuya. So we traded our bed for mattresses so all six of us would fit.

    1. admin Post author

      Sis, my eldest is 7 but did I say in the post he moved in his own room? If I did then my mistake, he’s still in the same room but he’s got his own bed. Hopefully when we move back to our old house after it’s renovated he’ll agree to move to his own room.

  2. Pinay R.

    Even if they have their own bed, they will still want to sneak in with you whenever they can, esp. if we are working and have so little time with them. It gives them the reason to talk with them and just have some more bonding! If they still want to give time to us, we are appeased that they still have nothing to hide from us, parents!


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