Why I Keep Coming Back to Nailaholics

Last weekend, I was able to visit Nailaholics for the second time. The last time I visited this was two years ago. I had my nails done by local salons in between but there’s something about my previous experience with Nailaholics that makes me want to come back for more. A few months ago I tried to go back here but I was caught by surprise when they politely shooed me away because they were so full. I felt sad then because I really wanted to experience their services again but there was nothing I could do. So this time, I didn’t take any more chances. I called ahead for a reservation and I was promptly attended to when I got there. It’s not often when I have the chance to get away, get pampered and have my “me time” but I choose to spend it at Nailaholics because of the following reasons:

  • I love Nailaholics lovely interiors. Here at their SM Bicutan branch, their theme is sand and water. Since our Boracay vacation is still months away I have to content myself with my imagination. But it’s not too hard to imagine I’m at the beach with two lovely ladies pampering mg hands and feet. Such utter bliss, I tell yah!
  • They have free WiFi. This blog post is proof I have time to do one of the things I love doing – why it’s blogging of course! Here I am typing furiously with one hand while the other is being pampered. They put me in such a good mood too that I’m composing this blog post on the spot.
  • They have friendly staff. During my first time at Nailaholics I went to a different banch – the one at SM Megamall. No matter what branch I visit I found out that the experience is the same- they make you feel right at home and serve you with a friendly smile. They answer your questions courteously and they do their job quietly. As a matter of fact, aside from the sound of the nail clippers and the slow music it’s so quiet here at Nailaholics and it’s just the way I like it. If I don’t have a million things on my mind I swear I can fall in a deep slumber in one of their oversized sofas.
  • Speedy service. They don’t waste time chatting, they get right down to business. But if you want to talk they will indulge you too. It’s already 30 minutes since I arrived to have my nails done. Can you believe that in such a short span of time they already had my firngernails cleaned, polished, and my hands massaged? Meanwhile, my feet which has been neglected for so long, needs more care but it’s already halfway done. Ana, the one who’s taking care of my feet, keeps on asking apologetically if I feel hurt while she’s cleaning my nails. Of course, I get surprised everytime she asks that because I hardly feel anything!

With all these things I’m raving about Nailaholics we know that all of their perks comes with a price. Nailaholics easily outprice local salons by 150%. This can be expensive since our nails grow fast and nail polish wears out in a blink of an eye. If you’re in a tight budget and just want your nails done so you’ll be be presentable then you can opt for cheaper sevices elsewhere. But if you want to get away for a while, enjoy a quiet time, and feel utterly pampered while having some grooming essentials done then Nailaholics is for you.



4 thoughts on “Why I Keep Coming Back to Nailaholics

  1. Daddy Yashiro

    Nailaholics has been through all the advertisements lately and most of the people that I know shares good experience with them. Perhaps this is a good recommendation for my wife.

    1. admin Post author

      Daddy Yashiro, not only for the wife but for you too! In fact, when I was there there was a husband having his nails done while his wife went shopping. 🙂


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