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It’s been a month now since I’ve been writing our menu. I must say this is a good habit. I don’t wake up every morning not knowing what to cook and I can go once a week to the wet market to buy everything I need. This little exercise saves a lot of my time and money and keeps my sanity.

For this week, I wanted to add a lot of vegetables in our diet. It was a conscious decision because well, I have two growing kids and it pains me whenever they say they don’t like to eat their veggies.

Here’s what on my menu this week:

Breakfast Lunch/Dinner Merienda
Monday Tapa Chicken Curry ginataang bilo bilo
Tuesday Hotcake Ginisang Sayote Palitaw
Wed Macaroni Soup Fried Chicken & Patola w/ Sotanghon
Thursday Hotcake Ginisang Repolyo & Okoy
Friday Hotdog Spaghetti

Notice that I didn’t have anything planned for the weekend. The reason was our weekends are erratic. We sleepover at my in-law’s house so we could attend service in our regular church. Sometimes we cook food there but sometimes we eat on the road, depending on where we were at mealtimes.

12 thoughts on “Weekly Menu

  1. Mommy Maye

    Yay! We used to have a weekly menu but then since Daddy and I are so busy, plus the veggie prices gone high because of typhoons, we stopped doing it na. But hopefully we can make it again because it saves us time.

  2. Pinay R.

    We are a family of three… but unfortunately, I am not an ideal mom of the house. My son had been used to NO breakfast ever since he was little. Sometimes, we would be having dinners from Jollibee and KFC! But now, my family clamors for vegetables!!! A very good change!

  3. Lady Anne

    Your choices are great! We also have a menu plan before going to the grocery. It usually saves time and money (no buying extra stuff). I’m free from kitchen-duties on weekends as well! =)


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