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Whenever I’m out grocery shopping I’ve always wondered what others are shopping. Me, I buy the same things over and over. I like to stick with what works kasi.

But I guess that has to change. As mommies we have to be always on the lookout for what’s the best for our family that’s why we also have to try new things. This will be one of my resolutions – to be flexible and adventurous in trying something new grocery-wise. haha! And that’s what I did the last time we went to the grocery.

If you’re wondering what’s on my cart you’re in here for a treat because I will be taking shots of all the things we buy week after week. I want to know what you think of our buying habits or do you think we buy the right stuff? If you can give me suggestions then I would really appreciate it.

Okay, so here it goes!

Del Monte Spaghetti Sauce – so I can cook spaghetti anytime in the week
Japanese Breadcrumbs – For my pork chop. I don’t buy any particular brand, I think they’re all the same (do you agree?)
Bear Brand Milk – This comes with free Milo. Don’t you just love freebies?!
SM Bonus Sugar – SM Bonus is really cheap compared to the other brands.
Milo – Kakambal ng milk. 🙂
Minola cooking oil – There’s so many cooking oils to choose from – Canola, Lauric, Vegetable, etc. Frankly, I don’t know which to get. What do you buy, Mommies? I bought this one coz it said, “Pasobra 100mL” in bold red. If that’s only their tactic to make me buy then it’s effective. 🙂

Magic Sarap All-In-One Seasoning – This is the secret to yummy food. At least that’s what our previous helper told us.
Knorr Chicken Cubes – For our chicken soups, tinola, etc.
Blend 45 Coffee – I don’t drink coffee but my hubby does to help him to stay awake.
Sarap Pinoy Kutsinta Ready Mix – I bought home kutsinta one day and my youngest devoured it that’s why I bought this so I can replicate it at home. I’ll tell you if it’s yummy.
Crispy Fry Breading Mix – For our homemade fried chicken. I was meant to buy the one with homemade gravy but I wasn’t able to put that in the cart.
Cheez Whiz – We’re so tired of peanut butter so we’ll try this for a change. What palaman do you buy?

Del Monte Pineapple Juice – I use this to marinate our pork hamonado.
Liberty Beef Luncheon Meat -This tastes like Spam although much cheaper. Apparently people have already discovered this because although it’s located in the top most shelf they still find it. The shelf was almost empty when I got these.
Pure Foods Corned beef – My hubby’s favorite corned beef. He constantly raves about this every time I serve it in the table.
555 Sardines – I always buy the Mega sardines but now they come with a built-in can opener. I didn’t want to buy that because I thought it would be more expensive plus I just bought a can opener which I like to use. I know it’s crazy but that’s the reason I switched sardines. haha!

Pillsbury Hotcake – I always buy the Maya brand because it says it’s 100 grams more than the others (which is true too) but since I wanted to become “adventurous” and try out new things I put this in the cart instead. When hubby saw this he immediately said, “Why did you buy this? This doesn’t taste good, remember?” I guess we already bought this years before but we weren’t satisfied or maybe I just didn’t know how to cook it properly before. We’ll see. haha!
Knorr Sinigang na May Miso – For our fish sinigang.
Eight O’clock Juice – Hubby loves to drink juice.
Tang Pulpy Mango Juice – Did I just say hubby loves juice?
Chocolate Chip Cookies – This suspiciously tastes just like the ones sold in the market covered in plastic with no markings for P60. Do you think they’re one and the same?

Lucky Me Special Bulalo – This is twice more expensive than the regular ones but hubby loves this so we have to buy it. haha!
Lucky Me Pancit Canton – This one is for me.
Lucky Me Beef Noodles – We’ll cook this one if we run out of the special ones.
Lucky Me Special La Paz Batchoy – Hubby loves this too.

Presto Cream in Peanut Butter Flavor – Z loves this one.
Happy Peanuts – We recently discovered that Zack loves this.
Shrimp Crackers – Hubby loves this even before we got married but it’s so tricky to cook! Hubby tries to teach me all the time how to cook it but I can’t get it right. Our new helper tried it too but messed it up so we had to put all of it in the trash. We’ll try again this week.
M.Y. San Sky Flakes – For Zack’s merienda.
Jumbo Chiz Curls – For hubby
Corn O’s – For Z
Boy Bawang – For me


Ariel Stainlift – We went from Champion to Ariel to Tide and now we’re back to Ariel. My late lola always use this and now we know why. It’s expensive but it gets the job done.
Purity Cottonbuds – I’m particular with the cotton buds that I chose. I always buy quality because some are so thin it can hurt the ears.
Parodontax – I bought this after seeing the commercial that says it’s for those who spit blood when brushing. Since hubby is like that he’s the only one who uses this. It’s different than the usual Colgate that we use. It’s dark colored and tastes like salt but it’s effective that’s why he’s sticking to this.
Large potatoes – I can’t find big potatoes like this one in the wet market so I buy them here. I chop this for Zack’s homemade fries which he loves.
SM Bonus Disposable Diapers – First time we’re going to try this. It looks and feels like EQ diapers but much cheaper.
Pantene Nature Care shampoo – I first tried this at my in-law’s house. We’ve used Clean for so long that it’s so refreshing to try a new one. It’s good too.
Safeguard soap – Hubby has super sensitive skin so he’s particular with his soap. He always goes back to Safeguard after trying different soaps.
Close Up – We use Colgate but we’ll switch to this for now.
Scotch Brite Gloves – Hubby uses this in giving our dog, Chewee, a bath.

Cream Silk Perfection Conditioner – Which I’ll use for my newly relaxed hair. Unfortunately, I can’t find this. It’s missing which is really bad coz I really need my conditioner every day.
Dog Collar for Ticks and Fleas from Bayer – Chewee wears this to keep him tick and flea free. There was a time he had so many fleas I feared for an invasion but thank goodness it’s now controlled thanks to this dog collar.
Dazz dishwashing paste – I use the paste more than the liquid. I think the paste lasts more than the dishwashing liquid.
Enfant Baby Bath Cream – For Zack’s bath. He’s so active now that he has a playmate so I’m wondering if I bought the right one. There are so many soaps for babies but for active toddlers I think I haven’t seen one.
Perla laundry soap – Our helper hand washes Zack’s clothes and requested I buy a bar so I bought this.
Whisper – I always use Whisper for my heavy days and when I go out. It’s the best kasi.
Pantene Total Damage Hair Repair – Which I hope will repair my dry damaged hair. haha!
Charmee – This I use when I’m just at home.

To tell you the truth, I got overboard with our grocery shopping this week. This is almost 5k. Mama mia! Plus I still have to shop for meat and vegetables at the wet market. Next week I’ll try to trim down our groceries a little.

Okay, that’s it. I hope you enjoyed my first every weekly grocery post. If you have a post like this please do share so I want to see what’s on your cart too. Till next week!

10 thoughts on “Weekly Grocery

  1. Winter

    If you’re health conscious about using oil in frying, cooking and baking Canola oil is one of the healthiest oils out there. You could use cold pressed coconut oil but it is very pricey and tends to have a distinct coconut taste when you use alot.

  2. Meikah Ybañez-Delid

    I’m curious about that Sarap Pinoy kutsinta. Ready-to-mix kutsinta? Is it good? 😀 Did my grocery shopping last Saturday, and wasn’t able to get a photo of everything. If at all, I can do it tonight. You got a good list! 🙂

  3. reese

    plenty! haha…is that just for a week’s use?
    in our family i am the one in charge of our grocery needs, i purchase our grocery once a month… maybe next time i can also post my buy. is that liberty luncheon meat masarap?

  4. promding chamimay

    i’m intrigued by the kutsinta ready mix! how was it? is it really good? 🙂

    suggestion ko if you’re into corned beef… Purefood’s Chunkee corned beef’s the best…mas mahal sya ng konti pero taste a lot better!:D this one’s always in my cart hehehe 😀

  5. EINZ

    Nice mommy! I must admit I’m a lousy shopper. I came in with my list but never for a single chance complied with it strictly. I always checked out new items and dare to try as I please.

  6. kat

    I just bought bayopet soap for our dog who’s got ticks and lice. I did not there is a dog collar for those nasty stuff. I will look for that here. Thanks!

  7. Grace | Domestic Diva

    this made me wonder what are the things that i really “need” to buy when we go out and do the grocery 😀 madami ka sis brands na same sa ginagamit namin but i want to know how the Liberty Luncheon Meat tastes like? I want to look for another option kasi sis aside from spam, mahal kasi eh! 😀

  8. Rikki

    Hi, I was actually waiting to see the list of your fresh or frozen food items. Have you tried Frabelle Foods products? Your kids might like our Yummy! hotdogs. You should try grabbing some on your next grocery day. Our tocino, longganiza, honey ham and bacon are great-tasting as well 🙂


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