Tips for Snagging Designer Children’s Labels at Bargain Prices

Kids are rough on their clothing. They also grow out of things quickly, making any designer clothing purchase even more expensive than it would be for an adult. In addition, the material used to create kids clothes is a lot less than it takes for an adult. This should lower the designer prices, right? 

Wrong! Designer brands like Nike, Polo, Gap and others who offer children’s clothing lines often offer the clothes at prices that are equally as expensive as adult clothing. Fortunately, there are ways to snag a pair of cheap Nike Shoes for kids or great miniature Gucci jackets. 

Shop the Sample Sales

Offered in areas that cater to the fashion industry like Los Angeles and New York, the sample sale is an event where designer clothes are marked down to laymen’s prices. In the cyber age that we are in today, you don’t have to rush to the boutiques and stand in line for the sales. Just go online. Sample sale websites offer the traditional retail format for buying or the auction style of buying. 

These sales aren’t limited to the major designer brands, boutique kids brands also offer sample sales. Look for them at the end of the season. You can usually find the sales by following the designer brand in social media.

Head to the Clearance Sections

Only retailers and the brick and mortar varieties all have clearance areas that contain the major markdowns within their brands. Go straight to these sections to find deals on last year’s or last season’s designs. Outlet malls are excellent places to find clearance deals as well

Be careful to check online clearance purchases carefully for the correct size and color before buying. Keep in mind that, because quantities are limited on clearance items, you may not be able to find certain colors or sizes that you are looking for.

Look To Secondhand Sources

The usual suspects for finding secondhand clothes—eBay, garage sales, consignment shops and even thrift stores—are also great places to find designer brands for kids. Parents who shop the designer brands regularly must have a means of getting rid of the old and making room for the new. Your secondhand sources are those means. Look at the beginning of a season for the clothes that were pitched out when the last season ended. This will take some planning ahead, but anything works if it saves you some cash on kids’ designer clothes.

Get on the Mailing List

Junk mail in the email or postal mailbox is annoying. However, discounts from your favorite kids’ clothing designer may just be worth your while. There is nothing like taking an extra 30 percent off an item that is already half price. The only way to get at some of these discounts or to find out about the sales is to be on the designer’s mailing list.

It may take a little work to find some of the deals, but it is quite worth the effort in the long run. Shopping for deals on designer kids clothing is the best way to keep your child looking sharp without spending down his college fund. Remember to keep the reuse cycle going by consigning or donating any gently used clothing once you are done.

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