Ovation Guitar

When it comes to guitars my hubby is so choosy. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive guitar as long as the sound and tone is right. That’s why whenever we go to music stores he sits down and “test drives” the guitars for a long time. He would visit the store more than once, try out the guitars some more before finally choosing something he likes. So far he already has a Martin, Ibanez and is looking out to buy a new Gretsch to add to his collection. Anyway I saw this ovation guitar musicians friend and was amazed at how different it looked from the usual guitars. On the front it looks the same but when you flip it over and check the back you’ll see that it’s slightly curved and made of – not wood but rounded plastic! On further research I learned that this type of guitar was invented by an aeronautic engineer who designed and made helicopters. Because he was a guitar enthusiast himself he set out to find if he can improve the typical acoustic guitar by modifying the back. The outcome of his work is what we now call the ovation guitar.

ovation guitar back

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