Our New Apartment

We’ve moved!

The past days have been really hectic but it’s all worth it. We’re now living in our brand new apartment. And when I say “brand new” it’s really new! The apartment building is already more than five years old but we’re officially the first tenants in our units. Moving was really insane. We weren’t able to take a peek at the apartment even when we paid the deposit. Can you believe it? But since it’s highly recommended by people who have seen the actual unit we jumped ahead. We were able to see the living room from the tiny window but that was it.

And last Thursday when we saw the unit for the first time we were so happy. It was waaayyyy better than we expected. When we were scouting for apartments and we peeked in this unit all we saw were gray walls and floors but after it was cleaned it revealed this beauty.

This is the living room. Bright and airy just the way I like it. 🙂 Don’t you just love natural light?

I thought the terrace was small but when I first stepped on it I was surprised that it was roomier than I expected. You can store lots of things here. Hubby said if this has a faucet he’ll put the washing machine here. Hubby is so funny. Does he want the whole world to see him doing the laundry in full view? haha! Thank goodness the building has a laundry area too. Anyway, this is our dog, Chewee’s home for now while we toilet train him in our new place.

Check this out. When I saw the kitchen for the first time I gasped! It was so feminine and and pretty! I love the tiles, the flower decors, and the cabinets – lots and lots of cabinets! OMG! Now I’ll never run out of space for my casseroles. Did you see the exhaust in the ceiling. Very thoughtful, huh? Maybe I can finally learn how to cook here. Haha!

This is our bathroom. There’s a shower which is a must-have for my husband and a little faucet in the corner although I was not able to take a picture of it. I was actually wishing for a bath tub too but I know I’m pushing my luck here. haha!

This is the spiral staircase leading to our attic bedroom. My son, Z, counted the steps all in all. Guess how many steps were there all in all?

If you guessed 18 steps then you’re right. I know, I know this is way too high for him! I palpitated the first time Zack climbed it. That’s why I always keep my eye on him. Thank goodness he doesn’t go up all the time or else I would have lost more weight running after him.

I can’t believe I forgot to take a picture of my husband’s office. It’s flanked between the living room and the kitchen. This is the room he loves the most. Of course he needs it the most because he is working at home. Plus he has been wishing for a music room for the longest time. My heart goes out for him when he says he doesn’t have a room to record his songs. Whenever he says that I feel so helpless coz I can’t do anything to help him. Now finally he has a room all by himself.

Lastly, our bedroom is the whole floor upstairs. It’s so spacious that there’s an echo whenever we talk and I’m not kidding! Plus we were surprised there’s a big closet in our room. We so need one! Our closets were destroyed by the flood. We tried to use it still but it literally disintegrated when the moving boys tried to carry it to the truck.

If there’s one thing that we don’t like about this apartment is the fact that the floor in our bedroom is not tiled. But but… we can live with that.  The only time we go up is when we sleep at night.

Okay, so got to go. Next time I’m going to give advice on how to find the perfect apartment for your budget.


12 thoughts on “Our New Apartment

  1. Rose

    I actually love the look of your new apartment! The spiral staircase is lovely and I think it’s cool that you have an attic bedroom. Can’t wait to see the pics after you’ve officially moved in. 🙂

  2. Aileen

    Wow the place is really nice! Katuwa naman and nahawa ako sa excitement. I love that kitchen! And the terrace has a really good view…Kinda nice to wake up in the morning with the sun rising and you just exhale the fresh air. 🙂

  3. Itin

    This is a pretty apartment huh. How much is the monthly amort if you don;t mind my asking?

    With regards to moving places, we’re in the same boat. I can totally relate to you but I never get the feeling that I’ve ever got the hang of it. I hate house transfers because I have to adjust with a new community, etc. Since birth, we’ve leased spaces for like 7 times. And just before my younger siblings could move in with my father to another location, I decided to just live on my own. I’m just tired of shifting addresses. LOL

    1. admin Post author

      Compared to others this is cheap na for P6k. But bumabawi daw sa bill sa tubing. Mataas kasi yung building so mataas din ang water bill. Me too I want to stay in one place but we only moved coz of the flooding inside the house. That I can’t get used to. haha!


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