Now a Working Mom

I’m now a working mom! Okay, let me clarify that I meant I now work away from home. Remember our big move here? The reason why we moved was to leave the flooding behind. But the real reason why we moved so far away was so I can finally start learning the ropes in the furniture business and  so I can finally start selling furniture online!

I know it’s crazy. Our friends and relatives were shocked when we decided to move suddenly and so far away from that but, but, it’s all for the best. You see, I got really depressed the past few months because I wanted to finish the online store but I couldn’t because of logistics. Now that I can be there physically everyday I am learning so many new things. Our website, click here to shop for furniture, is still not complete – most have no prices yet – but little by little we are getting there. I can’t wait to tell you all the things I’m learning! I will be featuring different pieces here in my blog and I hope you find some you like. *wink!

Okay, I’m running late already. I hope you have a great weekend ahead!

Till next time!

– Paula




7 thoughts on “Now a Working Mom

  1. Daddy Allan

    Good luck for being a working mom again. Good luck to your furniture business too. Maybe one time we need some furnitures, we will visit your shop and may buy one.


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