His New Gretsch Guitar

It’s been a while since hubby bought his Martin guitar. When he bought it he swore it’s going to be the last guitar that he’ll buy. Of course, I didn’t believe that. As a guitar player, my husband has no vices but has one mean hobby – and that is playing the guitar. He loves guitars and takes care of his guitars as if these were made from porcelain. He would lay them down on the floor and refuse store it standing up because he said its neck might break. Since we live in a modest home this can be a problem. Sometimes I find his guitars “seated” on our sofa and occupying all the space so we have no place to sit. If I don’t remind him to put it away he would not.

So anyway, it’s been two years since he bought one of those famous Martin guitars and wouldn’t you know, he’s now itching for a new one. This time he has his eyes set on a Gretsch guitar. But alas, guitars are so expensive here in the Philippines so he would content himself on window shopping. Then when he heard my brother was coming home from the US he quickly went online and bid on the Gretsch guitars for sale. He won one bid and is now a proud owner of a new Gretsch. He’s happy too because he only paid for half the price.


Here’s his new guitar currently in transit. By November 12 he’s going to finally lay his hands on it and I would be one jealous wife. LOL!

33 thoughts on “His New Gretsch Guitar

  1. Gil Camporazo

    What a bargain! I’m a lover of guitar. I used to play it when I was in my teenage years. But now I seldom do it. I taught my youngest son on how to play the guitar. Now he’s better than me.

  2. Riza

    Awww…that’s a really nice guitar, and my son says that it should be great for jamming! I still remember the tip I read from one of your blogs on where to buy guitars. We’re still saving up for one though. 🙂

  3. Cristine

    Collecting guitars, that’s one mean hobby and very expensive too 🙂 But for sure your boys we’ll love their Dad’s guitar collection and might be wonderful guitar players too.

  4. Lalah

    I’m going to show this to hubby. I’m sure hes going to be envious. I want to buy him a guitar this Christmas but don’t know which one to buy.

  5. Pinay R.

    Everyone should have a passion on something… his passion is quite unique that we notice that he really wants to spend for this. We should also look into ourselves, what do we have a passion for… blogging? Yes, we spend a lot here… a lot of time! (lol)

  6. Jhari

    I used to play back in HS. Hubby gave me one for my 28th birthday. Pero nawal na ung amor ko eh, and I sold it nalang. Congrats on the new guitar 🙂

    CE 11/6

  7. Aileen

    Nice guitar! It’s a steal if you can get it at half price. That reminds me, I haven’t tinkered with my dad’s electric guitar for so long.

  8. sanna

    My husband’s only vice naman is all about cars and accesorizing it. I guess we just have to let them be noh? Kahit minsan ang expensive haays:)

  9. Nice

    i so envy your husband for knowing how to play the guitar. I also don’t know how to sing but It’s my ultimate wish to at least play the guitar.


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