Have You Heard of Please Fund?

My little Zack is sick. He has been suffering from colds and fever for a few days now. I’m glad despite the fact that he’s sick he is still active. He still drinks and eats his food. The only thing we have a problem with is making him take his meds.

One early morning, we woke him up to give him his medicine. Although he was sleepy at first the moment he knew what was going on he became alert. We were preparing to engage in battle – it seems this way every time we make him drink his meds – with hubby holding him in place and me making my aim when all of a sudden he said in a clear, loud voice, “I don’t want.”

Imagine this was the first time we heard him say that word and before he just shakes his head no. So we were really taken aback when he did just that. Anyway, I hope he gets well soon or else we’ll be taking him to the doctor later.

Speaking of sickness, one of our greatest fear is getting really sick. Around the world, thousands are suffering from different kind of illnesses – from cancer to rare types of disease. Most of these people have no funds to pay for their treatment and just suffer or wait to die. Which is really heartbreaking. That’s why I thank the geniuses behind pleasefund. This website is an online fundraising website that anyone can use to raise the funds that they need. You can use please fund if you want to seek help in getting funds for that medical treatment you need. I’ve seen many people with different kinds of illnesses ask for a little help through this website. The good news is this is not only for medical cause, you can also use it to ask help for anything. For example, starting a new business with your bright new idea, funding a new home for the homeless, or asking for help for your community projects. By the way, starting your own page is easy and best of all, it’s free.

Do you think of any way you can use Please Fund? Please share.




16 thoughts on “Have You Heard of Please Fund?

  1. Terry

    It’s good to know that there are still people advocating for the importance of helping of other people. Being a mom, I find this a good way to teach my son another way of reaching out to others who are in need and influence others to be of help as well. I might use it to raise funds for the gift-giving activities we’ll have this coming holiday for the urban poor 🙂

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Terry,

      I received your email and sent a reply. I’m glad you’re already starting with the CommEx. 🙂

  2. Lady Anne

    Pleasefund is a great site. A campaign for a cause in an internet site would gather big help, especially now that most people are technologically inclined. Thanks for sharing Ms Paula. =)

    Oh, and get well soon to your cute little Zach!


    My kids getting sick is always the scariest and the most tiring moment of my motherhood. My only consolation is that I have no problem making my Sciezka take her meds. Probably she get used to it since she was a sickly toddler then.

    I hope Zack gets better. Hmm… it is seems that there are many people who have flu nowadays. Maybe because of the weather.

  4. Miekee_18

    Being sick is inevitable..We have no choice, but we can be healthy if we want hehe..This program will surely be a big help..

    Dropping by from COmmEx..I’m joining again hope to finish this today so that I’ll be able to join next week.
    Have a nice day:)

  5. aby

    when I was a kid, i hate medicine too.. especially the taste and the tablets i am having a hard time swallowing it.

    Thanks for sharing the PleaseFund! 🙂

  6. Marie

    Having a sick kid sucks big time! I used to wish and pray that I would be sick instead of my kids, but my mom warned me to be careful with what I wish for. When I was younger (waaay younger) and really sick, my mom told me she would get my illness or something, and she did, a week later. So, she had to take 2 weeks off in the office.

  7. Pearl

    Among my 3 kids, it’s my youngest who hates drinking medicines. she doesn’t like the smell and the taste, that’s why as soon as she was old enough to drink tablets, I requested her pedia to replace her syrup medicines with tablets. With her 2 siblings, I didn’t have any problem, all I had to do was to put the medicine cup on the table and they will gladly drink it.

  8. Lalah

    This is such a good campaign…

    I hate it when my little girl gets sick. Its a roller coaster ride of emotions and begging and luriiing… So exhausting.

  9. Ditas

    Wow! This is just lovely. I think the health care system in our country needs this. In the hospital where we hold our clinical rotations, there are kids who are very sick but cannot fund their medication. Maybe I can use to to help the kids in that hospital. Hopefully it will catch up.

    I hope your baby feels better.


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