Furniture of the Day: We’re Having a Sofa Sale!

Good morning everyone!

Do you want to know our biggest blooper when buying our own furniture. It happened 5 years ago. We finally had enough money to buy our first ever sala set. A few months before that we moved out of our parents house and rented our first apartment for the very first time. It was small but it was big enough for my husband, myself, and Z who was only two years old then. We had purchased a lot of our stuff the day we moved – mostly necessary stuff like ref, bed, table, gas range – but we had to wait until we saved enough money to buy our first ever sofa.

So needless to say I was very excited the day we went sofa shopping. We looked and looked until we found one that we liked that also fits our budget. We paid cash for it, went home and waited eagerly for the delivery. We didn’t wait long before the delivery van came by with our precious sofa.

Unfortunately, there was an unexpected surprise that made us regret our purchase almost instantly. We realized this the moment they tried to fit the sala set in our small living room.

The sofa we bought was too big!


It was a disaster! I was so upset I wanted to cry when I saw the sofa sticking out and blocking one of our doors because it was way too long. I wanted to tell the delivery men to carry the furniture back to their van but was too shocked to say a word. (Plus I didn’t know if this was even possible at the time. I was so sure they’ll reprimand us for our mistake. hehe)

So for the next months we lived with our “large” purchase. I tried hard to make it fit our place by rearranging it almost every week (Yes, I became obsessed. haha!) When we finally moved to a bigger apartment I finally breathed a sigh of relief.

So the lesson that we learned was:

Don’t forget to use the tape measure when buying your furniture.

And now I have good news for you.

We’re having a Sofa Sale!!!

Check out our colorful and stylish sofa. We only use the best foam in our sofas (Uratex) so these are durable. These are also small which makes it perfect for condos and small apartments.


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32 thoughts on “Furniture of the Day: We’re Having a Sofa Sale!

  1. Vera

    These furniture look great, specially the Vanka, it looks comfortable 🙂 When it’s time for us to replace our sofas, I’ll definitely be contacting you sis 🙂

  2. Elinessete

    that was a very awkward situation with the delivery guy, good thing you moved to a larger apartment, i wish to buy my parent a cute sala set, and if ever i would buy the madonna sala set! 🙂

  3. Aileen

    I could understand that obsession hehehe…after all, you spent time with the purchase only to find out it is still the “wrong” one. As for me, what I do sometimes do in the absence of a tape measure is I count the tiles which is a foot in length each. From there, I can estimate in imaginary size of a ruler…works for me.

    I like that leafy L-shaped sofa 🙂

  4. Mommy Maye

    Haha. I wanted to replace our old sofa set maybe come December. I want a comfy set and I avoid wooden set because my son is so malikot. I like the black one on top.

  5. Mom Michelle

    haha! That’s a funny story but I’m sure you weren’t laughing at that time then so I’m sorry. That’s why I always leave it to hubby when it comes to buying furnitures because he’s good in taking notes of measurements. I’m more of just looking into what looks good and nice. 🙂

  6. Marie

    My hub doesn’t trust me when I buy furniture because I go by the “omigod, that is sooo cute, i want that badly”gig, so he follows me around when I do go shopping for one (I don’t like his color choices though. sooo dull hehe)

  7. Pinay R.

    First time I saw SOFAS of varying colors. I was always used to seeing more conservative colors and designs. This is great that you have this online store now with such a wide range of colors and styles!!!

  8. January

    When we bought our first sofa in 2009, hubby and I measured our small living room and went out looking for a small set that will fit in. 🙂 Until now we’re still using our sofa and hope to buy bigger set after we have our own house probably 2 years from now, if God’s will. 🙂

    1. admin Post author

      Philippine made yan, sis and not imported. Matibay yan coz we only use Uratex foam and we give 1 year warranty for the sofas.

  9. Olga

    LOL! We had the same experience with a washing machine. The one that we bought was too big to go through the door leading to the outer kitchen/laundry area. We ended up placing it on the terrace where we do our laundry now. 🙁


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