Furniture of the Day: 4-Seater Stylish Dining Set

Hi Everyone! I wasn’t able to go to my Dad’s furniture store yesterday. Z had to take his exams and I had to review him so he’ll get good marks. If you’re wondering who is homeschooling him now it’s his Dad. That’s one of the advantages of having a work-at-home Dad. When I’m not here, he can supervise. When I arrive, I check his PACES and corrects any mistake he made.

For our furniture of the day, here’s a nice 4-seater Starter Dining SetΒ made from rubber wood.Β It’s perfect for small families or those that are just starting out. It’s affordable too and does not break the bank.
4 seater starter dining set

I remember our first ever dining set was not as stylish as this one. I know you’ve seen one of those plastic laminated tables, the one that you can fold when you and keep away when not in use. That’s our first dining table. I know it’s ugly but that’s what we can afford at that time. Thankfully, they make prettier alternatives now so you don’t have to suffer like we did. haha!

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11 thoughts on “Furniture of the Day: 4-Seater Stylish Dining Set


    We are opposite. When I and my husband got married we have a big table, almost similar to the table in the image but good for 6 people yet we were only two. Now that we are bigger in number, our table is the foldable table. We sold our old table to our neighbor when we transferred here in Bohol.

  2. Pearl

    Oh, I need to replace my dining set…. it’s been with us for years, and I think I need to retire it soon… I hope you can give me discounts when hubby and I decide on it. πŸ™‚

  3. Daddy Allan

    we also have this type of dining set at home but 6 seaters. we are planing to have a 4-seater but preferably round. Once we got a budget, we’ll try to visit your site. I do hope you are offering free delivery at marilao. hehehe


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