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Two years ago we booked a flight with Cebu Pacific for our trip to Bohol. It was the first time our kids were able to see an airplane and airport lighting up close. It was the best vacation we had as a family! Until now,  out of nowhere  my son would sometimes quip, “I miss Bohol!” I can only sigh when I hear that because I feel the same way too. So my husband and I decided to make this a yearly thing. We also agreed that we can’t call it a vacation until we’re there for at least 5 days. Three days is way to short for us.

So two months ago, I booked another budget flight but this time we are going to see the famous Boracay! But we’re bringing more people along because my BIL’s family and my SIL will come too. We will be there for 7 whole days enjoying the sun and the beach, sipping mango juice while enjoying the view, and swimming in our itsy bitsy bikinis (we wish!) haha!  We even want Christmas to go by quickly because we’ll go there after the holidays. I think January is the perfect month to go because the typhoon season is over plus there are less tourists which means lower prices (hopefully) for everything.

I’m mentioning this now because Cebu Pacific is having its Piso fare once again for all their domestic and international flights. So grab this chance to travel with your family and book a flight now.

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    Piso fare nowadays is no longer that cheap because of the tax, fuel surcharge and the web admin fee. It is really difficult to get cheap airfare, this is the reason why our visit to Manila is delayed to December instead of September.


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