An Unexpected Visitor

Our first week here is super duper busy. I haven’t even finished unpacking all our boxes yet. I’m finally done with our clothes – yes, finally – but there are still lots of things in the boxes. I admit I can’t remember what are in those and I’m not looking forward to unpacking it. Good thing we have an unexpected visitor. It’s none other than our longtime helper – Bam!

Bam came to us when she was just fresh from high school. She wanted to go to college and I was looking for someone to help me around the house so she came to live with us. She does the chores in the morning and go to school in the afternoon and since we have no baby yet and Z was already a big boy this set-up worked just fine. She was with us for a total of three long years. Yes, that’s already long compared to the one who was with us only for three days. Hahaha! To refresh your memory here is my post about it.

Anyway, to say that we love her dearly is an understatement. She really blended well with our family. She has been a nice companion to our eldest, Z, and to Chewee whom she loves so much. But all good things must come to an end because she got pregnant after she completed her two-year college course and had to leave. She has been staying with her husband’s family ever since.

But now that her baby is already three months old she has to look for work. Since she’s more expensive now that she has graduated we can’t hire her anymore. hahaha! So she looked for a job at Tiendesitas and got accepted as a cashier. But while she is still processing her papers she didn’t forget us and decided to drop by for a visit before she become busy as a working girl. And boy, am I so happy! For the first time since we went to live here I was able to open my laptop for longer than an hour – which means I have been able to do zero work the past few weeks. You see, the culprit is not just the unpacking I have to do. Now that we have moved to a bigger place I spend almost all my time watching the kids, especially Zack! I am deathly afraid of him falling off the stairs so I watch his every move. The spiral stairs inside our apartment is easy to block but the one outside – which is steeper and higher – there’s nothing I can do about so I have to be constantly on guard which means the laptop has to remain closed if I was able to do that.

So now while I’m typing away, Bam is upstairs. She, not only is helping me get everything in order in our bedroom, she also looks after the kids. Isn’t she so sweet?! Did I say I’m so happy she’s here?

Just in case you’re curious, here’s what our room looked like before she worked her magic.

There are lots of toys here…

And there…

And everywhere! Just look at Zack, he doesn’t know what to pick anymore.

And this is our room after she fixed it. Pardon my panorama, it’s a bit skewed.

Now I can say our transition is complete. Everything is already in proper order. The only thing missing is a carpet from the carpet store which would make our attic bedroom more presentable. But for now as long as it’s clean we can live in it. I’m so glad Bam came over to help me with everything. She is really a great help, don’t you think?

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