We’re Moving!

The past two weeks, our world was turned upside down. It started two Sundays ago. We were looking forward to a lazy Sunday afternoon. I just finished mopping the floor and although I was tired I was happy that the chores are all done and the house was finally clean. Outside, it was raining non-stop which made it more conducive to snuggle in bed afterwards. Then all of a sudden I saw water coming out of the bedroom floor.

Oh no, we were flooded yet again!

We know from past experience that once water comes in it’s time to move. It’s wiser to let the flood pass than stay up all night trying to keep water out of the house. You lose sleep and you get tired. It’s a lose-lose situation so better just conserve your energy and go back home to get the water out after the rains have stopped. So after elevating all the furniture we fled to my in-law’s house.

We have been staying here for the past two weeks. We are enjoying our stay – no chores to do and we get to enjoy free food. The kids are happy and are playing the whole day with their cousins. They get so well along too. They rarely get into a fight with each other which is surprising because they are four kids age 7 and below.

But as much as we are enjoying our stay which made our situation more bearable we can’t deny the fact that we missed staying in our own place. Last week, we thought we could already go home so we left the kids to clean the place. The next evening we went back with all our things but when we opened the door we were so shocked to see that it was flooded again even after leaving it spotless the night before. So we had no choice but to go back.

After cleaning the house the second time in two weeks hubby had enough. He said he doesn’t want to deal with flood anymore. He wants us to rent again and just go back after a new house is constructed in place of the old, flood prone house (it was lower than the road that’s why the constant flooding). So that’s why in a few days…

We’ll be moving to a new apartment!

I know, it’s so sudden but after three years of living in the same house I was so ready for a change of scenery. I want a nice and clean apartment that’s flood free. So yesterday we went to scout apartments. The first one has a sign saying, “Condo for rent.”

Hubby and I looked at each other and smiled, “Wow, we could live there…”

But our hearts sank when we saw the place. It was definitely NOT a condo. It was a two-floor eight-door old style apartment but definitely not a condo.

Next we checked out the ad I saw at Sulit.com.ph. It was a building-type apartment. There was a guard on duty who let us in when we arrived. I was able to talk to the owner over the phone before we went there and he said the guard was on duty 24/7. Hmm, not bad, right? So the guard toured us around the building. There were five floors all-in-all. The apartments in the lower levels were studio type ones. There were lots of units and lots of families already living there. We went up to the fourth floor. The building was so high we literally got tired of climbing the stairs. When we got to the fourth floor there were four doors and everything was so peaceful. Two were vacant and we checked out the first one. The living room/dining room was okay and the rooms too. What I like was there was a second room that was too small to become a room but just right for a walk in closet. Hubby thought he can make it his office. Oh well, men are from Mars, women from Venus. There was also balcony overlooking the city. The second vacant unit was smaller than the first. We were not interested anymore when we saw the size so we didn’t go in.

The third and fourth apartments we looked at we’re so depressing so I won’t post the details anymore. Hubby summed it by saying he’d rather stay in our present house and deal with flood water than live there. I couldn’t agree more.

There was a fifth one that we liked. It’s also in a tall building so we’ll be safe from flood for sure. Now this apartment has been vacant for a few years. If you’re renting you know that’s a plus. The last thing you want is an apartment that has been used and abused by lots of tenants who have come and gone. I don’t know why the owner doesn’t rent it out, he doesn’t even have a sign posted that it’s for rent. But whatever his reason I’m just glad we’ll be moving here. I can’t wait to call it our “Home Sweet Home.”

I’ll stop here now. I still have lots of stories to share but I’ll just reserve it for later so stay tuned!

5 thoughts on “We’re Moving!


    I think Sis, it will be good na din to rent an apartment for peace of mind. The weather in the Philippines cannot be trusted, so if the problem in your current could not be addressed to permanently now, might as well rent first while waiting. Mahirap din kasi to pack and leave every time.

    Good luck sa new apartment, Sis! 🙂

  2. Mommy Maye

    Good luck sis. The first thing we ask to our agent years ago was bumabaha ba sa lugar. When she said NO, we handed her the reservation fee, agad agad. Now even if most part of Bulacan are flooded during heavy rains brought by storm or habagat, parang wala lang sa place namin. Is your old house already yours na?

    1. admin Post author

      Wow, you’re so lucky Mommy Maye! No, that house is my mom-in-law’s. We moved there coz it’s vacant na, sayang naman. We’ll wait na lang till we can build a new house that’s elevated before we’ll go back.


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