We’ll Go Swimming Soon

I am excited for our church’s swimming outing this September. It has been a year since we had an outing like this. I think it’s about time we get out and enjoy the water and the sun for a change.

I’m excited for the kids. I know they will really enjoy swimming in the pool. Their Dad brought out their small pool recently. They had so much fun even though they were just sitting there and splashing the water. So what more if they’re already swimming in a real pool?


If I have one concern it is the fact that the water might be too cold for Zack. Knowing him, he will try to stay in the water as long as his elder brother. But he’s just one year old so he might get sick or something. Well, anyway I hope the water won’t be too cold when we get there. Better yet, I hope they have one of those raypak pool heaters to keep their customers warm and happy.

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