Should We Go Helper Free?

It’s now a month since our househelp left for her vacation. The one thing that I have been dreading the most turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I didn’t think we would survive without help but here we are more than surviving – even thriving.


Of course I couldn’t do it without my wonderful family. They really were so eager to help me with the chores that sometimes I wonder if I’m dreaming. Even if we don’t live in one of those cool downtown Austin condos I still feel I’m the queen of the house. How could I not when hubby takes care of the laundry so I wouldn’t have to lift a finger in washing clothes. Even my 7-year old boy surprised me. I thought his enthusiasm with washing the dishes will fade in a week or maybe last two weeks tops but it’s already one month and he not once did he bail in his chore. He takes his responsibility very very seriously. And since he has been so responsible he now also feed pets and will even clean after them if ordered. I feel so lucky to be his mother.

Before I thought doing household chores is so boring but now my eyes are opened. Nothing feels better than getting sweaty cleaning the house and then taking a relaxing bath afterwards. I feel I’m getting so much exercise I don’t have to worry about exercising anymore. It’s so satisfying because I am hitting two birds at the same time. Now I wonder why people still go to the gym when they can just clean their house instead. Talk about saving lots of money in the process.

Our help texted a few days ago that instead of coming back after a month, she needed to extend for another 15 days. I thought it was a sign that we shouldn’t hire her anymore because of all the benefits that we are enjoying. I figured with her experience and expertise she’ll have no problem getting another job. There are  luxury condos  popping everywhere and even my manicurist got one there and with premium pay at that! But my hubby is not too keen on terminating anyone so I guess we will just wait and see what happens. If she comes back then let it be, at least now I know we’ll be fine even if she leaves us in the future.


12 thoughts on “Should We Go Helper Free?

  1. Mommy Maye

    Naku sana ako din kaso I am working outside home and besides super bait ng kasama namin sa bahay. She loves my son so much and even teaching him pa. Sana she will not leave us soon until I am ready to just stay or work at home.

  2. January

    With hubby and I working outside, we really really need our househelps especially my son’s Yaya. Ang hirap maghanap ng matinong househelp ngayon buti na lang we have our son’s Yaya mula six month pa anak ko, now he’s 20 month old na so more than a year na rin si Joy sa amin. hehe

  3. Lalah

    We are yayaless for almost a year now. I thought at first, we wouldn’t survive but I was surprised with my abilities with multi tasking and I must say I am getting good at it. 🙂

    Good luck to you sis. 🙂

  4. Lady Spring

    I grew up having constant house help too. I think that’s why I became lazy with house chores and I don’t know how to cook despite my age. I begrudgingly do it now because there’s no one to do it for me. My bf even remind me to clean sometimes ^-^; I think this is good for your kids. It teaches them responsibility and how to take care of their surroundings.

  5. Mom Michelle

    Having a helper has its advantages and disadvantages in a household. One benefit of having not one is we can teach our children to do the chores at home and this will make them become more responsible. But if you really have a lot of things to be done then a helper could come very handy.

  6. Khim

    We had a lot of house helper when we were still a child. Some of them are not that good. One even got worst. That’s why my mother wouldn’t hire anymore and we try to do the chores ourselves in an early age. That’s the good thing about it. 😀

  7. anygen

    How I wish magka-katulong din kami dito sis, kaso ang mahal ng bayad ng mga aupair eh… at isa pa nakakatakot kase mostly aupairs here may mga sinyales haha.. well, good to know na nakaya nyo without a helper na this time.

  8. Chin chin

    I have been helper free ever since we started our family. It’s very tiring sometimes, but with God’s grace I have managed to keep my sanity. And it is fulfilling to be able to take care of the family.

  9. promding chamimay

    lam mo naiisip ko rin yan if my boy grows up… para he will learn how to be responsible too… kasi i grew up with some months without help so its us who help mom… teaches kids a lot really… 🙂

    i even have a doctor friend who is soooooo rich but does not have house help…. and his highschool son though going to Ateneo does the dishes too… hehe 🙂


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