His True Gift

Last Christmas, my husband’s gift to me was sterling silver jewelry. To tell you the truth, at first I was disappointed. Although silver jewelry is beautiful it just does not match my skin color. Besides I heard morena skin looks better with gold. *wink*

But then I realized his true gift is being a great father to his kids and a wonderful husband to me. I really can’t ask for a more perfect husband. We may not have riches in terms of money but we feel rich already because he showers us with his love. He resigned from his job and accepted a home based position to spend more time with his family. He sacrifices his wants for his kids including the new guitar he wants to buy for himself but he doesn’t because he thinks of our kids’ needs first.

I am just so happy that my kids are growing up with a hands-on father. Even though I feel inadequate at times because I’m not so good with children, I’m comforted with the fact that he is there to give us balance and make everything fun and memorable.

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