Guitar Collectors

I’ve got to admit, before I married my husband I didn’t know what a bass guitar was. I thought all guitars are one and the same. It didn’t take long for me to find out that there are three major types of guitars – acoustic, electric, and bass. Now I’m more than too familiar with all guitars and even know the major guitar brands. There’s Gibson, Martin, Fender, and a lot more!

If my husband could have it his way he’ll surely want to collect different kinds of guitars. And when my friend called me up earlier this year to see if we could keep her husband’s guitars while they were out of the country for a few months I found out I was not alone. When we saw her husband’s collection we were amazed by it. Some of his collection includes a Yamaha guitarlele that the kids fell in love with and a cool bass guitar that looked expensive. So taken cared of was the bass guitar that it was wrapped in not one but two bass gig bags! The gig bag was one of the best of its kind too. Talk about a real guitar aficionado! When they finally met to give back the guitars my hubby and my friend’s husband were talking nonstop as if they already met. I had to cut of the conversation because I know they still had some packing to do and we had our own errands to attend to.

10 thoughts on “Guitar Collectors

  1. San

    Haha… my hubby’s a guitar lover too! We aren’t able to afford as many as HE’d like…but I suppose he’d be keen to expand on his collection asap! 😛

  2. Sanna

    I have an acoustic guitar and I play a little. The one that can play very well is my older brother. I can understand why guitar is a worthwhile passion being a guitar player myself.

  3. Mom Michelle

    It’s nice for someone in the family to be musically inclined. Your kids have learned to love playing guitar also, right? Then I guess there’s soon to be a band in the making. 🙂

  4. anne lei

    Now I know those info. It was not taught during our Music class. Anyway, in our family, there is only one musician who knows how to play guitar and drums, my cousin. That’s why, I never knew these things.

  5. tet

    just reading this, I miss playing.. I’ve practiced playing when I was 18 but I eventually stopped.. I hope to collect guitars too! If I only have the money! haha.. 🙂


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