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Although the house construction was delayed this, we’re hoping to push through by next year. I’m still researching the requirements needed to secure a building permit and boy, are they many! So we better start moving to acquire the various requirements.

Anyway, I have been researching on the different furniture that might go with the new house and suddenly I miss my childhood home in the province. Back there, we had a large yard with mango trees all around. When I have nothing I just sit in our patio and read a book. I wonder where our patio furniture now is. It’s white and stylish just like a ca patio furniture. It must be showing some wear and tear now but I heard you can refurbish it to make it look brand new again. Patio Guys restore outdoor furniture. If you’re thinking of restoring your outdoor furniture you can be assured that they will do a good job. They have technicians that will ensure high quality workmanship. They use a different kind of paint – much thicker than liquid paint that ensure your furniture is resistant to all kinds of weather. Plus they have a 5-year warranty on their service.

We won’t hava patio in the new house just because we live in the city but I would sure like to have one in the future when we finally buy our own house.

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