Flood insurance in Connecticut

Connecticut was hit by numerous natural disasters in the previous year, prompting many to reconsider their Connecticut homeowners insurance policies and related coverage. In 2011, the number of US homes with a flood insurance policy in place grew to just 14%, which suggests that many homes that are at risk aren’t covered for this disaster.

In America, as a result of confinement of high-risk flood areas, the government has created the National Flood Insurance Program, with these policies being handled by FEMA. Coverage under these policies is limited, but in particular cases top-up policies could be obtainable by other insurers.

It’s difficult to understand why so few people have flood insurance in place. Could it be that we don’t take this risk as seriously as the danger of fire or earthquake? While a home is usually still standing after a crucial flood, the repair bill can be rather significant and definitely outside the capacity of most people to easily finance; and with weather patterns taking an unusual turn in the past year or two, we actually cannot be sure what’s in store for us in the future.

Is it about time you talked to an agent about the variety of Connecticut homeowners insurance and disaster coverage you out to have in place for your house? Contact one of our agents to talk about the dangers and how you might best protect yourself from them with insurance.

3 thoughts on “Flood insurance in Connecticut

  1. Marie

    Here in the Philippines, getting insurance on anything is not just happening. People need to be informed how insurance can help them, but the regulatory government agency, on the other hand, should not sleep on their jobs and make sure that insurance agencies do and give what their customers deserve.

    Have a blessed Sunday, sis!

  2. Olga

    It would certainly be great if there was such a program here in our country as well. There are many areas all over the country that get inundated during typhoon season. It would be of big help to them if there was flood insurance available.


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