When Z Met a Bully

I was surprised one afternoon when Z came home from the neighborhood with a bruise under his eye. Z is home schooled so I welcome every opportunity when he goes outside and play with other kids. But now this incident made me think twice in allowing him to go out by himself. He said he was watching the neighborhood kids play. Out of nowhere, one kid taunted him and said bad things to him. He got mad and grabbed his slippers and acted as if he was going to throw it to the kid. He didn’t continue but the kid retaliated and punched him under his eye.

I thought it was going to leave a black eye but thankfully it didn’t. I was relieved because he was not badly hurt but shudder to think might have happened. I thought I wouldn’t have to worry anymore about bullying prevention because he is homeschooled but I’m wrong. He is not safe from the neighborhood kids too!

His dad had a long talk with him. He told Z what he did wrong and what prompted the kid to punch him. He told him the best thing to do was go away. He can’t control the actions of other people but he can control his own actions so he should be able to protect himself.

I hope Z has learned his lesson and this would be the last incident he has with bullies.

19 thoughts on “When Z Met a Bully

  1. fitness and fashion

    That’s what i was worrying when my daughter goes outside, she is a gentle fellow and doesn’t know this kind of things. It was her first time to study in a school and she was immediately bullied by one of her classmate, i guess, she emotionally suffered because for a week, she was crying whenever i have to leave her in the school.

  2. Vera

    That’s good advise, because really all we can control is our own actions and reactions. I hope this doesn’t prevent you from letting Z go out and play.

  3. GeriLen ELinessete

    jan din ako nagwoworry pag papasok na sa school c baby. πŸ™
    galing ng disiplina ninio kay Z, and thumbs up for Daddy. wala nga tau magagawa sa actions ng ibang mga bata so we have to be protective to our kids and teach them how to defend or act on a given situation.
    this post reminds me of the Benigno High incident ang bullying ay nakamamatay. SMH

  4. genefaith

    Bullying is one of my fear too for my K-1 son who’s the only foreigner in class. Thankfully and by God’s grace he’s not and he’s well-loved by his classmates..hope it will be like this forever:) I admire how you make your son understand on how to react on bullying – “He can’t control the actions of other people but he can control his own actions so he should be able to protect himself”…wise words from wise parents. I learned from this:)

    My son’s nickname in school is Z (Thai read this as “Zed”) instead of Hyzyd because they have hard time saying his name:)

  5. Farida

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  6. Olga

    It’s a sad reality but he will evenually meet another bully as the world is full of them. Bullying doesn’t happen only in school or among children. Even grown ups get bullied by other more aggressive people. You did a good job though teaching Z a valuable life lesson after what happened to him.

  7. Kristen

    oh, this is one of the things I don’t want my little girl to experience. it breaks my heart that some kids are just plain mean. i hope your little boy won’t be afraid to go out next time!

  8. Jessica Cassidy

    awww πŸ™ so sorry for your son Z πŸ™ I do not like bullies or worst our kids is being bullied πŸ™ my kids are not home school, they go to regular school but am afraid that they get bullied especially my son coz he is so quite πŸ™‚ Dropping by BC πŸ™ so sorry this is really delayed comment πŸ™

  9. Mylene

    kawawa naman πŸ™ my same worry for my daughter. She is being teased in school by older students. This makes me contemplate more to homeschool her.
    Dropping by for this week’s CommEx.

  10. Lady

    You know I’m learning a lot about parenting from BC Blogger Moms & Dads.
    Kahit na matagal pa ako πŸ™‚

    Honestly my first reaction with your story is “OMG I’m sure she talked to the parents of this child”
    But I realized your way is much calmer and focuses more on teaching your child to protect himself.
    Kasi nga naman you’re not always there to guard him 24/7

    *takes notes* (^-^)v

  11. Gaylee

    I have 2 sons, 4 yrs old and 6 yrs old. I saw with my own 2 eyes how my eldest was bullied in school. My youngest, however, is the one bullying his classmates. So now I’m teaching my youngest not to bully his classmates but rather protect his kuya whenever he can.


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