When Our Maid Dropped a Bombshell

Yesterday, our househelp dropped a bombshell.

She’s said she’s leaving us.

I was stunned. I wanted to say, “But you’ve only been here for three days! What’s more, you don’t have to stay long, just a month before Ate Cora comes back.”

Ate Cora left us three days back to attend her daughter’s wedding. Her niece was looking for a new job so she asked her to replace her while she’s gone. I thought everything was fine and dandy until she dropped her bomb on us. Anyway I bit my tongue while the ever diplomatic hubby probed for answers.

  • It turned out she has a back injury from when her father used to hit her. (gasp!) She thought it was already healed but doing housework brought out all the aches and pains again. She couldn’t sleep at night because her back hurt so bad.
  • She used to live with her aunt and she has grown close to her aunt’s kids. The day she was supposed to arrive she was late because they didn’t want her to leave and were crying their eyes out.

Once I heard her side it’s really hard to get mad. I’m glad I bit my tongue and let hubby handle the situation.

The good news is, we had a plan B.

What’s our plan B?

Do the chores ourselves, of course! I even a wrote about it here.

So how’s our first day without house help? So far so good. We’re more than surviving, thank goodness. The first thing hubby did was do the laundry. He separated the whites from the colored and loaded the first batch in the washing machine before he sat down for his 7am work.

Meanwhile, I prepared breakfast and was even able to whip up this dish for lunch (recipe to follow).


Plus I still have shrimp in the fridge to be turned into tempura for dinner later.

Z washed the dishes. He even showed me proudly how clean his plate is after washing.


Plus he even completed his school work earlier than expected.

Not bad for our first day without help, eh?

I think it’s not going to be so bad after all. 🙂

4 thoughts on “When Our Maid Dropped a Bombshell

  1. hanny

    mommy paula, I am used to have house helpers that stays with us less than one week. I know how it feels=( anyways you can make it!!!

    Right now we are still praying to have one that will stay longer. I didn’t had any problem looking for sales ladies for our bread store and most of them stays with us for years.

  2. Jovell

    I’ve given up on finding a good, loyal househelp who will stay for years. This makes me miss some of my nannys when I was little because back in the days (70’s and 80’s to be exact), household helpers were really considerate of their employers and were like family. I really don’t know why they’ve changed now. Having our children help with housework really lightens the load on us parents. It’s good to start them off early so they learn to be responsible in the long run. Congrats!

  3. Mommy Maye

    Sometimes, just being alone with the family is much better with the house help around. But that’s for sometimes only, I must admit, house help is of huge help to us.


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