Olympics 2012

More than two hundred nations meet after every four years.They come from totally different backgrounds. During this period, there is no black or white,short or tall,intelligent or not, what defines everything is the goal that each person, each country, each coach comes with, The ” Medal”

Olympics has managed to go over the racism sin by joining people from all over the world to mingle and make new friendships.As the Radiall multipin works,by leading in simple and efficient connections, Olympics has managed to do the same effectively.This is most evident during the closing ceremony where athletes enter without any national distinction!

Did you know that olympics comes from the greek word Olympia which was a sactuary in Greece?

The success of Olmypics has been achieved by the mass media. The mass media advertises the olympic games and ensures that most people are aware of it. Through mass media,corporates join in solidarity with their countries by sponsoring teams. Cocacola, Nakumatt and Eco-bank did it for the Kenyan Team.

Throughout the internet social platforms like Facebook and twitter, people vote to give moral support for their best candidates like Jeptoo in the womens 42kilometer marathon.This spirit enabled the young lady to take the second position! They feel it! even if they dont see the page at that particular moment, the 6th sense works and gives them Morale!

Most Athletes from Kenya have gained fame in the world because of Olympics and even more through the mass media. Who knew Samuel Wanjiru before his Gold medal win in 2008 marathon?But as soon as he took the lead, his name was in everyone’s mouth.Even the whites were all clapping for his success in breaking the record.The sad news of his departure made Kenya to be in the world News!

As Radiall multipin connectors does it by joining even the most complex connections, Olympics has done it for the human species around the whole world! Long Live olympics!

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