My Cheeky Boy

Zack is already 20 months. I have to admit, he is no longer a baby. He doesn’t want me to hold him whenever he’s walking around. He prefers to walk by himself. When I try to persuade him to go one direction, he insists on going the other direction. Such a naughty boy, I tell you! He indeed has a mind of his own.

Like this Sunday I had to chase him around the wooden church chairs because he was running. Good thing I am smarter than my 20 months old. I figured chasing will only make him run more. He thinks it is a game and that I am playing with him. So I try to ignore him and make him think I’m not looking. Sure enough he doesn’t run away. He comes back to where I am sitting.

Here’s his latest picture with his Kuya taken at Serendra last week.


One thought on “My Cheeky Boy

  1. Lalah

    My Sophia was the same when she was about that age, they think they’re big enough to be held hahaha… Now that she’s two she seems to be more persuasive and always negotiating with me…. Hay Kids talaga 🙂


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