Mr. Sun’s Back!

Yehey, the sun is shining! I’m sure it’s safe to say that at all of us are thrilled to see Mr. Sun again. His two-week absence has caused us a lot of chaos and distress. Hope he’ll never leave us again soon.

We were not spared from the floods. We got flooded three days back. After a night of no sleep we decided to leave the house for our own safety and comfort. When we got back the flood was as high as our thighs so our decision was right. There was no flood in our street but since our house is low we got hit. I can’t wait for next year when hopefully we’ll have a new house constructed that’s elevated and flood free. We’re not yet thinking of pedestal tubs but I’m wishing we’ll have these too.

We’re still here at my in-laws house. The kids are having fun playing with their cousins. Hubby is always thinking about the house we left behind but I told him not to fret too much. He does not want to be absent in his work but at the same time he wants to clean the house. I told him we just hire someone to do the cleaning for us so he can concentrate on his work and at the same time help another too by giving them work to do. Good thing Ate Cora’s son volunteered to do the dirty work. They did an amazing job of getting rid of the water but there’s still water seeping so we’re waiting for that to stop before we move back. Hopefully that would be this weekend or early next week.

Did anyone get hit with the flood too? What’s your flood story?

13 thoughts on “Mr. Sun’s Back!

  1. Ethelyn Perlas

    Glad you’re safe! I miss the blogosphere because of the 3 day-blackout in our area. The flood missed our house, thank God, but we had to transfer too because of food, water and electricity scarcity. We’re blessed to be safe. 🙂

  2. kat

    Glad to know you and your family are safe. I have flood stories posted on my blog but those were flood stories brought by floods south of the country.

    Hope you get to build your house next year.

  3. Olga

    Good thing you decided to evacuate before the flood rose high. We have friends in Provident Village whose houses were once again submerged in river water. 🙁 There were no casualties this time though as all the residents left their homes early on. Please do continue to pray for them.

  4. RonLeyba

    Flood rushes down to our house as well. It was the very first time I experienced it and it’s kinda scary. Like you guys, I can’t wait to have our house renovated and elevated as well.

  5. Krizza

    Sorry to hear that your house was affected by flood Sis. As for me, my family was safe back home in the Philippines. Our house is one story building and our subdivision is located in a low lying area, as well but the water did not get into our house coz the house is elevated and is far higher from the street. Thanks God for that! Hope you’re able to get back home soon.:)

  6. Filman Santiago

    Great to know everything’s fine with your family Paula. Being ready and always thinking ahead like what you guys did to move out from your place to your in-laws, are always beneficial. This is what most of us doesn’t have. We tend to be worried to material things instead of thinking always to ourselves first. I pity those who were greatly affected and those families who have lost their lovedones.

    Looking forward to that new flood free house Paula! 🙂 God bless!

  7. Louise D. Fandino

    I’m glad your family’s safe Paula. Our house fortunately wasn’t flooded but almost. Our driveway was knee-deep. I wasn’t able to go to the office for 2 days but glad that my boss allowed me to work from home instead, so I didn’t have to file for leaves. God bless!

  8. jayson

    Hi Paula!I was sad for what happen to your family and im grateful also coz no one’s hurt and that is the most important.Though i was not affected by the flood yet my heart sank after seeing those families especially the children trying to escape the disaster.My prayers are with you and to other families who are affected by the flood.
    God bless always!

  9. anygen

    Buti naman at nakalikas kayo agad sis… My borther who is currently living in marikina ay nabaha… buti nalang pinalipat ko agad sa proj.4 dun sa sisters ko.. Hirap talaga pag baha jan ano? Hope you can now go back to your house.

  10. Jen

    I’m glad to know your family is safe. You made the right decision in evacuating early. I live in Antipolo, and we’re fortunate to not have been flooded because of our high elevation.

  11. leira

    i am glad to know that you guys are okay.. i am so scared of floods that’s why we decided to leave our apartment and move to a condominium


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