How I Really Make Money Through Blogging


Sshhh, don’t tell my husband. I accidentally bought this ebook last night. I didn’t mean to buy it but I guess I got really curious and before I knew it I finished it in one sitting!

The reason why I didn’t want my husband to know is  this.  He knows I have been burned so many times by ebooks like this before. One time I even bought an online blogging course worth $200 which all went to waste. I didn’t earn a cent through it. Sure, they may have made money through their methods but as far as I’m concerned whatever they were doing was something I couldn’t do. We were simply not on the same boat.

Thankfully, I still earned money through blogging anyway in my own way. 🙂

And the reason why I was excited with Crystal’s “How I Make Money Blogging” ebook?

It’s because we earn money almost the exact same way! Boy, was I surprised to read her journey. It sounded just like my own.

I will personally vouch that her method works. I have been doing this for years. It’s like she read my mind and wrote it all down but 1000x better. What’s more, she added some pretty amazing stuff in there that I didn’t know about and which I can’t wait to try out myself. She doesn’t know this yet but she suddenly became my mentor. 🙂

To Crystal, thank you so, so much for writing this book. It’s an inspiration for bloggers like me.

If you want to know how other bloggers earn through their blogs – believe me, a lot do, even a simple mom like me – or you’re a new blogger who wants to learn from the expert like Crystal Click here to buy her  How I Make Money Blogging ebook. It’s only $27. I promise it’s money well spent.

21 thoughts on “How I Really Make Money Through Blogging

  1. Mai

    i am always curious on how you earned from blogging. i thought you just post and add some ads and bam you’re earning. but i guess that’s not the case here. thanks for the info.

  2. Gelo

    Thank for posting this valuable infos, I am sure that lots of bloggers were now curious regarding the content of that ebook, personally, i earn thru google adsense

  3. Jhari

    I started blogging last 2004. But I started off just simply writing stuff. It’s good to feel having an online diary that time. Then paid blogging open a new door for me after a year of coping up with PR stats and traffic. And now I’m getting the benefits of paid blogging since I don’t have work. I just hope that I will continue to work online at home. I don’t like to leave my kids anymore especially now that I’ve been a SAHM for almost 2 years.

    Visiting from BC Bloggers Comment Exchange August 8.

  4. Aileen

    If you’re vouching for it, that makes the book credible 🙂 Thanks for sharing this. Maybe you’d like to write your own ebook Mommy Paula!

  5. Lady

    It’s only recently that I started thinking about making serious money out of my blogs.
    Mainly from reading BC-blogger websites.
    I thought maybe I can do it too~

    I’ll check this out when my budget allows. :3

  6. Yhey Garcia

    I am so much interested, but I still don’t have enough to cash out for the ebook. Hopefully in the future I could. But, thank you so much for sharing! 😀

  7. GeriLen ELinessete

    i want to earn online too, am a new blogger and still not sure what to do… i wanna read the book too but i just cant afford it atm.. for now, i enjoy blogging by joining our weekly bc blogger meme hee hee

  8. January

    I hope I can read that to and learn how to earn from blogging too. That book looks very informative but $27 it’s expensive for me at this time.

    1. jayson

      hello lalah!im jayson and im curious and interested at the same time on how you make your blog…i want to share my stories too..2 days ago i was diagnosed with kidney cyst and i was really afraid since i am aware of might what happen in the future.till now i really dont know what to do infact i havent told my family about this..what im thinking now is to share my stories about this…thanx and hoping for your help…


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