Gardenia Factory

One of the most unforgettable experiences my son had was when they went to the factory of Gardenia. Yes, I’m talking about the loaf bread that’s really popular. He was amazed that machines with roller bearings are the things that take care of everything from the making of the bread, molding, cutting, and wrapping. There were only a few workers in sight. Even my husband couldn’t believe when he saw that almost everything was done with machines.

Anyway, I’m sure my son missed going to field trips. He’s now homeschooling and that’s one disadvantage. This year, we’re hoping we can go to more educational places as part of his study.

7 thoughts on “Gardenia Factory

  1. Lalah

    Sophia just went to Gardenia last Monday with her classmates for school trip, and she brought home loaves of bread at very low price. How I wish I could have given yaya more money to buy. Their bread is really good.

  2. Sumi

    Wow! I’m sure I’ll also be amazed if I were to visit the Gardenia factory.. 🙂 It would be really nice to know how they make the breads that we usually have here at home.. ^^


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