First Recital

When it comes to music lessons, I have no problem with my son. He is getting it free from his musician Dad. We don’t need to enroll him in any music class. And because of this we are savings hundreds per month.

Like for example, last summer his Dad volunteered to teach kids to play the guitar for free. Of course, Z the first one to benefit. He was excited to learn with the other kids. He attended the twice a week lessons. Each lesson is two-hour long. The first thirty minutes, all kids were taught about the Bible and music. After which they are ushered to different rooms according to their interests. Aside from guitar, there were also piano lessons. It was taught by hubby’s friend who was an accomplished piano lessons. I don’t know if his lessons were like the Chicago piano lessons detailed at but I’m sure the kids enjoyed it and learned a lot. The drums meanwhile was taught by the piano teacher’s brother who was an accomplished drummer himself. The workshop lasted for more than a month and ended on the last week of May.

They had a month long break before they held their recital. The kids were able to form five amateur bands, would you believe? During that period they would practice after school or during weekends. Hubby was not able to supervise most of the time but they would still practice on their own.

Here are some pictures of the kids during their recital. I tell you no one was the proudest than the kids themselves on their accomplishment. Despite some kids suffering from stage fright (one even had to vomit prior going onstage) they were able to push through. I’m sure this is one experience they surely won’t forget.




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  1. Farida

    After practicing for many hours, the kids must be overly happy with the result of their recital. More so, the proud parents must be on the look out to see if things are working well. Exposing the kids to music is a good means of developing the skill to make them future musicians 🙂


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