A New Instrument

One of the most worthwhile activities for kids is teaching them to play a musical instrument. They say that this can not only give them self confidence but can also elevate their IQ. That’s why when Z said he wanted an electric guitar for Christmas I didn’t object. I don’t know if we even have a space for it but if it instills his love for music more then who am I to object.

Anyway, hubby wants to buy another music instrument. He thinks too many people are playing the guitar already and it would be good to be different for a change. He is still thinking whether he’ll be buying a violin or a saxophone. I suggested Banjos too but for now he still can’t make up his mind. We’ll see what new instrument he will buy.

2 thoughts on “A New Instrument

  1. Aileen

    Do you happen to know where harps are sold? I’ve wanted to learn that instrument but I have no idea where to go looking for local stores that sell them.


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