Why I Think A Pregnant Woman is the Perfect CEO for Yahoo

Yahoo is in the news recently for giving a beautiful woman named Marissa Mayer the top position as CEO of Yahoo. I have read different articles online but all of them has only one theme – that they are shocked that an “ailing” company is giving this crucial task of turning their company around to a “photogenic” woman and one that is even pregnant at that. It irks me to hear that people think she will be at a disadvantage because of her condition. She may be pregnant but she still has all her mental faculties and achievements, thank you. She graduated from Stanford University with two degrees in Computer Science. Of course, it’s already a given that she graduated with honors. She was one of the earliest employees of Google. And from what I hear, they worked really hard during the startup (even now because they wanted to change the world which they did) so she’s no stranger to hard work.


So the fact that this is even news, that the top CEO is a pregnant woman, irritates me. Aren’t we all products of a pregnancy? We all know the answer is a resounding YES. So why so much hate and doubt for pregnant women?

Well, I’m going to tell you the truth. If there’s one thing I know pregnant women are hard workers. Provided that they love their jobs, they will work even harder to keep it. Why? Because they have a strong motivation – and what more stronger to motivate you than the possibility of a new life, an unborn child.

I know this from experience. Most of you know that I have been a work-at-home mom for a couple of years now. Last March, I celebrated my fourth year of working at home. When I found out I was pregnant with my second child I was even more adamant to keep it that way. I was horrified at the thought that the added bills which will naturally come with a new baby, will force me to look for an employer (even if it’s online, it’s a no-no for me) or worst, to find work outside the home. I knew I had nine months to prepare for it so I worked harder than ever. I would get up really early and sleep very late. Remember I did this while I was pregnant. I didn’t know how I did it. One thing I know is that I was focused on building a stream of income that will keep me earning even after giving birth. I have to keep earning doing minimal work because I knew after nine months I would be too busy doing anything else than taking care of a baby.

You know how hard I worked?

One very late night I was in front of my laptop as usual, holding my mouse because I don’t like using the laptop’s trackpad. I decided it was already very late so I turned off the laptop and then I removed my right hand from the mouse. Right that very instant I knew something was wrong. My hand was frozen in an awkward position – like it was still holding on to the mouse but the fact was I already removed my hand. I couldn’t move it because it hurt really bad that I wanted to cry out in pain. It was only then that I realized I worked myself too hard. I thought I broke my hand permanently because a week passed by and it didn’t improve. A month passed, 6 months, I don’t know how long exactly but it was a looooong time that my hand was not better. Now, thank God, it’s alright but I didn’t use a mouse ever after that and as a treat to my hand for all its hard work I bought myself a Macbook Pro. 🙂

Anyway, all my hard work was not in vain. After giving birth I was able to spend lots of time with my baby. I could afford to spend time with him because even when I wasn’t lifting a finger I kept on receiving my “salary.” For the first year of his life my only job was to breastfeed and take care of him. As a result, we’re extremely close that even my hubby gets so jealous. I’m the apple of his eyes and his world literally crashes when I’m out of sight. It’s an experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Even though Marissa Mayer will have different motivations (she doesn’t need the money, after all) and will choose a different path (she’ll only take a short break after giving birth to focus on her company) I know all the mud thrown against her will motivate her even more. She will do this for her baby because she doesn’t want her delicate situation to be the reason Yahoo will eventually crumble. That’s the reason why she’ll be perfect for her job – she has the passion and the perfect motivation. So let’s stop doubting her and support her all the way. Let’s stop making her feel that she’ll be less of a person because she’s carrying a baby in her womb. I hope she can turn things around for Yahoo eventually so people will eat their words. Besides, Google really needs some competition.

17 thoughts on “Why I Think A Pregnant Woman is the Perfect CEO for Yahoo

  1. Thess Enriquez

    I agree with you on this sis but not because we are both ladies. Mothers are highly motivated and courageous not because we know we are good (which is true! :-)) but because we have someone to dedicate our hard work and that is our children.

  2. January

    I salute you Mommy Paula. I wish I can work at home too and earn as much as you do but I don’t think I’m good at it. Blogging is already tough, what more a virtual assistant. I can’t take it because I don’t have the skill to be one. Working offline is my only hope, I can’t give up my job because my husband’s salary maybe enough for us to survive but not enough for us to live comfortably. 🙂

  3. Mom Michelle

    Very well said Mommy P. We would not be here if not for our mothers who once got pregnant of us. And as a woman I know Marissa Mayer will make a history for Yahoo and her children would be proud of her. 🙂

  4. Mai

    what’s wrong with being a woman, pregnant and a CEO? women are know to be the best jugglers in the world – specially mothers. salute to all of them and i hope Ms. Mayer will prove them all wrong.

  5. Vera

    Go girl power! I hadn’t known there was an issue about her being pregnant, just that she was pirated from the very company that caused Yahoo’s demise. hehe. She’s a big loss to Google, I hear she’s employee number 20, and she was behind a lot of the projects like Google Images and such. Anyhoo, stay safe and warm this rainy weekend Paula! 🙂

  6. Chinmay

    Beautifully written article with very true and genuine thoughts. I too feel always that ‘pregnancy’ is not a liability, but an asset to get inspired from.

  7. Rae

    The good thing with being a CEO is if you’ve already established good business processes, earned the respect of the people you manage… You don’t need to worry about taking a leave of a week or two to give birth.

    Being a leader doesn’t mean you have to be there all the time. If you’ve been a good enough leader, it means you can leave your people every few times and trust that they will do their jobs.

  8. Rose

    Nice points you got there. Raising hackles over the hiring of a (pregnant) woman as a CEO for Yahoo is just plain sexist. But given the achievements of Marissa Mayer, I’m sure she’ll prove her detractors wrong in no time.

    I envy you, btw, for actually finding a way to earn while being a stay-at-home mom. I’m not yet married but lately I’ve grown tired of the corporate world that I just want to leave it all behind and pursue other interests. 😉

  9. Olga

    Those who are questioning her capabilities are most probably men who have never carried a baby in their womb. They don’t realize that pregnancy and giving birth in itself is a feat greater than anything they could ever accomplish.

  10. Eds

    As a person I do agree with you. Most of us women are more effective than men when it comes to work.. double it pa if we are bearing a child which makes us to work harder for our baby’s future 🙂

  11. Marco Polo Demo

    Well, pregnancy doesn’t makes Marissa Mayer less qualified for the position of CEO but what I’m worried about is the stress that it will cause to her during her pregnancy and the effect that it may inflict to her child. I know Moms knows it that it is really bad for pregnant moms to get stressed out.

  12. Mylene

    I really wish I could lift my fingers and still receive income for my family.

    Did you see a doctor to check your hand? If there are parts of the body that we working mothers should take good care very well are our eyes and hands 🙂

    I don’t like to use laptop’s track padd too. I used mouse for efficiency’s sake 🙂

    Kudos to the new CEO of Yahoo.


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