What’s the Most Disgusting HouseHold Chore?

Mopping the floors – that must the most disgusting house chore I can think of. The process involves getting a mop, of course, soaking it with soapy water, removing as much water from the mop, before finally mopping the floor. Of course, you have to repeat this two dozen times until you’ve cleaned the entire house. After which your job is not over yet. You still have to clean the mop with your hands – most of the time with your bare hands since you don’t have a glove handy – and remove all the dirt that has accumulated.

That’s why I wouldn’t blame anyone if they just find a floor cleaning service online and just follow for floor service. Fortunately, there are a lot of companies that offer this kind of service and all you have to do is just look for one.

But for us, we found another solution – we bought this Spin Dry Rotating Mop. It is 6 times more expensive than regular mops but it makes mopping more convenient. Now you can remove dirt without getting yourself dirty in the process. Mopping has never been easier before this. Thanks to our Spin Dry Rotating Mop.

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