What I Like About Rainy Days

What I like about the rainy days is the fact that our air conditioner can now rest. Last summer, our trusty unit did a good job in making sure my two little angels slept comfortably at night. It worked so hard that its timer broke in the middle of summer which was why  our electric bill ballooned the last couple of months. These  past few weeks, however, we haven’t been using it anymore even at night and that’s why I’m looking forward to a lower electric bill this month. Hurray!

Speaking of electricity, a few months back we noticed our lights were fluctuating. We were worried that it would cause fire because it kept on repeatedly fluctuate throughout the day so we asked around for an electrician and had it fixed. Good thing our neighbor knew someone and we had him called in and it fixed right away. If you have problems with your electricity be sure to have it checked quickly. In this modern day, an electrician is just a Google away, just type electrician Mississauga or electrical contractor Mississauga (that is, if you live in Mississauga) and you’ll find lots of electricians who are just a click away.

3 thoughts on “What I Like About Rainy Days

  1. Mommy Maye

    That is what I love about rainy days too. I can sleep soundly at night because it’s cool. We don’t have airconditioned unit at home yet and our little boy is used to it already. We planned to buy one 4 months ago but I don’t know why we haven’t bought any. Hehe. That I ahve to ask my Daddy Allan.

    Mommy Maye (http://momayes.blogspot.com/)

  2. Oliver Ramos

    Indeed that is true during rainy seasons electric fans and air conditioners are at rest. Hehe speaking of the bill even though we are not using the electric fan that much computer is on 24/7 so there’s no savings at all. Good Sleep only unto us. Just pray na hindi magbaha >_<


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