Toys from Cutesy Patootie

Last week, I got crazy shopping for kid’s toys. But if you’ve seen Cutesy Patootie’s affordable toys, how could you resist?

Yesterday, my loot finally arrived from Davao. I should have known it would be Kuya who would be excited.



Thanks, Cutesy Patootie for making my kids happy!

Check out their Facebook page for more cools toys.

15 thoughts on “Toys from Cutesy Patootie

  1. Gene

    That’s a lot of toys! I love looking at Cutesy Patootie shop because the toys are so cute and so affordable. I say just looking because I am trying to resist. I only bought from her store once, a Barbie for the toddler.

  2. GeriLen ELinessete

    cute toys and catchy name for a store! i love to collect colorful toys for my little babe to help him develop his eyesight. 🙂 i would visit their page, thanks for sharing! 😛

  3. verna

    Wheee! Kuya looks so happy!
    Thanks for sharing this. I’ve never heard of Cutesy Patootie before. I could find a gift for my princess there.

  4. ladymoxie

    I guess it’s always the older siblings who enjoy toys the most. My kids are the same. The kuyas are the ones who would play with the toys first, as though they’re checking if the toys are safe before passing them to their younger sister. That includes DOLLS! LOL


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