My Beloved Mac

When I got my Macbook, it was a dream come true. I spend a considerable amount of time in front of the computer since it is our bread and butter. Even between taking care of the kids and homeschooling I still clock up an average of 40 hours a week in front of one.

I’ve had my Mac for almost a year now and I absolutely have no regrets. It is a sturdy piece of machine and although most of the time I only use it to blog, recently it has been invaluable in building our online furniture store. Since I am not well versed with photoshop, its built in intuitive picture editing softwares has helped me tremendously.

Of course this my Mac is not perfect. My husband has been complaining about its awfully slow boot up speed. That’s why I’ve been researching on
how to speed up your computer with System Mechanic. Maybe this can at last cure this long standing problem and finally make my husband happy.

7 thoughts on “My Beloved Mac

  1. Rae

    For some reason, I don’t have and have never had an apple product.

    I buy asus every time, I know weird. But it’s reliable and cheap. 😛

    1. admin Post author

      I’m not too lucky with Asus, Rae. In fact that’s the reason I bought a Mac. I bought an Asus netbook for my blogging needs but as soon as we got home I discovered there’s a defect in the trackpad. Since my hand was injured with too much mouse use I couldn’t use a mouse that time so I needed the trackpad working seamlessly. In short, we had a hard time replacing this and when they finally replaced it I tested it thoroughly at the store because I had a hunch its defect was model-wide. True enough, the trackpad failed again in a matter of minutes. Only then that they agreed to have my money refunded. It took two months I think. 🙁 After that incident I promptly bought a Mac and never looked back since. 🙂

  2. Mom Michelle

    I have been wanting to buy a MAC but they say it’s no idiot’s laptop. So i ended up buying Sony Vaio which I could say is really user friendly. It’s been three years now since i bought this baby so I guess i should consider Mac again for replacement.

  3. anygen

    macbook is one of my dream sis… I don’t know kelan ako makakabili nyan… It’s too much expensive pa… good to know that it’s working well. So I am now super like more than

    1. admin Post author

      Oo nga, I got broke when I bought this. If not for that nakakainis na experience with Asus hindi ko bibilhin to, sis so pasalamat na rin ako kay Asus. haha!

  4. Gene

    I want to buy a Macbook, it’s in my dream gadget list. We have 3 working pc at home, desktop computer, a laptop and a netbook. So far, I’ve been using our desktop computer because it’s specs are equivalent to the Macbook Pro that I’ve been eyeing. Hopefully I’ll get to save enough of my online earnings to buy that.


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