Maximize Technology With These Free and Low-Cost Tools

Technology has taken the world by storm, and technology is here to stay for the long haul. The use of technology in businesses has become an everyday occurrence that functioning without technologically-forward tools can be a real disadvantage, especially for those just starting out. If you’re a small business owner, a startupper, more so, a bootstrapper, when thinking technology to streamline your business to success, think of these free and low-cost tools:



Productivity in the workplace is something most employers strive to achieve on an ongoing basis. It is for this reason that CRMs and intranets are being employed by a lot of companies nowadays. The only downside to these tools is the fact that they can cost a lot. is a corporate collaborations and social communications platform that’s free for small companies or startups with a total of 12 employees or less. Bitrix24 combines several disparate work tools into one application, such as free CRM, free workforce monitoring system, free intranet, free file sharing, free activity streaming, free calendar and project management software, to name just a few. Further, the application is cloud-based, meaning, no installation is needed and can be accessed virtually anywhere via a web-based browser or a smartphone, making your workspace mobile and accessible wherever you are. An upgrade to unlimited number of users is available at a nominal $99 per month.


Is finding the most fitting name for your business keeping you up all night? Well, given that there are hundreds and hundreds, if not thousands, of similar products and services already out in the market today, a business just starting out should capitalize on a unique and catchy name to make its presence stand out and resonate with customers. Branding agencies are there for this reason, but they charge a whole lot for their services. is a crowdsourcing site that has been in the business of providing unique, easy-to-remember, catchy and relevant names, domains and slogans to individuals and small businesses since 2007. PickyDomains has a strong pool of registered contributors totaling over 50,000 from all over the world. To avail of the service and start receiving suggestions, register with the site as a client, make the required downpayment of $50 for a name or domain ($75 for a slogan) and map out your naming parameters. If none of the suggestions you receive matches any of your naming criteria, you get a refund, making the service absolutely risk-free.


With the arrival of low-cost carriers and online ticket brokers, the cost of air travel has dramatically become cheaper. But with this comes intense competition among airlines that those unable to keep up were forced to shut down, thereby, forcing the remaining players to reserve their best deals into their own sites and/or partner sites. This then forcibly prompts the airfare deal hunter to go from one site to another checking and comparing, until he ultimately finds what he needs, an undertaking that’s pretty time-consuming. is a meta search tool that sifts through hundreds of flight and ticketing sites and more than 700 individual airlines for the best and cheapest airfare promos available, and makes the data within reach in a single location for the public’s easy access, drastically minimizing the time and effort it usually takes to find the cheapest airfare ticket.

11 thoughts on “Maximize Technology With These Free and Low-Cost Tools

  1. Itin

    I’d be honest I’m sorry but PICKYDOMAINS is a scam. Whatever that Russian internet marketer has been saying to backup all his lies towards the transparency of the website, is just to sugarcoat his long-time robbery made to steal the creativity of us old members for his benefit. I’ve been saying all the time for many months, pickydomains is a scam. No professional should risk his/her time and effort in that garbage site. And I’m not a hater. I just say it as it is. I hope that I warn the legit crowdsourcers from holding contests on that site. Really I mean it cuz it hurts us freelancers. I know the author of this blog understands what it feels to get scammed. Please don’t delete this comment. I feel for the honest freelancers and crowdsourcers.

  2. MsKatrina

    I have never heard of pickydomains but there are a lot of free sites that will help you choose a domain name. I am having a brain fart and can’t remember exactly what I searched to find them but it was as simple as putting in keywords and the sites tell you what is available.

  3. Chin chin

    I had no idea about these tools but I’m sure that these are useful ones except the Pickydomains itin said that it’s a scam. I know I’ve come across other sites like Pickydomains but I just can’t remember the name right now.

  4. rachelle

    i think we had one in our office same as Bitrix but of course on a larger scale. We call it Spark. very useful especially the tsismisan coz it has also a function like YM. hehe..
    interesting post!


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