Relax and Have Fun Online

Our internet was cut off for the last five days twice. The first time, a truck pulled our low hanging cable and cut it into two. The second time there was a major network failure. Instead of being sad about it I took the time to experience what’s it’s like to have no internet again. Surprisingly, I found that I can survive without internet, checking my email, checking my Facebook, or reading my favorite websites. Instead, me and and my kids took the time to play, do activities and bond with each other. Which led me to a self-imposed internet ban during the day. I figured my kids are so important that any work I have to do I can do it at night after they sleep.

Anyway, that’s just for me – a mom with two small kids. I know that others, particularly those whose kids are already grown and flown out of the nests – have a different dilemma altogether. They will want to find ways to kill time online. Playing games online can be fun and can ease boredom away. I know others have tried the exciting world of online casinos. There are games lik slots, bingo, and roulette that even the newbie can try. Now you don’t have to pay a deposit. At you can play and take advantage of their $50 no deposit bonus and possibly win money afterwards. Not only can you win casino bonuses you can also interact with other players and win friends.

Of course, there are also other ways to have fun like taking up a new hobby or joining an organization to meet new friends but for those stuck in their homes playing a game or two can also ease the boredom away.


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