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Hi Guys! I’m so sorry I’ve been neglecting this blog. My last blog post was 6 days ago! The reason is I’ve been rushing to finish our furniture website. My Dad wants to get it done asap. He has even bought himself a laptop last week in preparation.


Ow di ba, may pic pa?! haha!

I grabbed this from HP Philippine’s Facebook page. Actually, there’s a story behind this. My Dad read in the newspaper that HP Philippines will be auctioning out laptops. I think this was the ad he saw.


Anyway, it promised lots of savings to would-be buyers. Of course, he got excited. He called hubby and asked him to help him choose a good laptop. But hubby has work that day so they agreed to meet up the afternoon. The next thing he knew Dad was already calling him from the World Trade Center and that was within an hour of their first phone call. Told you somebody was excited. haha! They exchanged a series of phone calls with my Dad giving hubby the model number of a laptop and hubby researching about it online. Within an hour or two of being there he has already bid and won himself a new laptop.

I am yet to see it but this weekend or next week we will go there to check. But hubby said he thinks Dad already got a good deal. Too bad the sale is over. Maybe next time we’ll go there too and check out the desktops.

10 thoughts on “HP Philippines Laptop Auction

  1. Shadz

    ZOMG! Nadaanan ko tong auction na’to when I went to Supersale. Would’ve bumped into your dad perhaps. HP laptops are known naman to be durable, so I’m glad your dad got himself a good deal for an HP laptop. Hope we see something from your furniture soon. Am looking for sofa and a dining table set.XDD

  2. aby

    I and my mom went here too! She bought a laptop and a printer. They had a great discount to almost all HP gadgets! 🙂


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