How I Went Back to My Pre-Pregnancy Weight and Even Lost 10 lbs. More!

A year after we broke our weighing scale we have finally bought a replacement. Do you have one in your house? If you don’t I think you should buy now. Every house must have their own weighing scale, in my opinion. The first one we had we bought right after we had our first apartment. We took it for granted but my hubby and I did use it regularly. When it broke, we weren’t bothered enough to replace it but how we missed it. During the times when we were feeling particularly fat we didn’t have a weighing scale to say to us, “Yes, you’re right. You’re fat! So move and lose that bulging fat now!” So we didn’t do anything.

But we did missed having one. It’s our guilty conscience and it works!

That’s why last weekend while shopping at Ace Hardware we finally remembered it’s about time we replace our previous one.


Getting on the scale for the first time in years was some sort of a momentous occasion. We held our breathe as we stepped on it and checked our weight. That’s my son on the photo.

When it was my turn I held my breath, closed my eyes, and checked. I couldn’t see anything. I hate being nearsighted. So hubby checked, I waited and then he said the magic words, “110 lbs.”

What? I couldn’t believe it! At my height which is 5′ 6″ that is really underweight. When we had our first weighing scale it would stubbornly refuse to budge and the pointer would eternally point at 120 lbs. I would sigh and wish it was 115 lbs and wouldn’t even dare wish it was 110. The last time I weighed that low I was in college, living in a boarding house, and surviving without home cooked meals. Now we have a helper who is a good cook and serves us delicious meals so I thought that was impossible. I don’t even follow a special diet like eating gluten free foods but I still managed to lose weight.

Anyway, for those of you who want to ask how I did it I wouldn’t know what to answer at first. I was trying to lose the pregnancy weight – after all, Zack is almost two – but I’m not obsessively dieting. But on further reflection, here are some of the reasons I managed to lose weight:

  1. I stopped treating food as my reward. I know, all of us enjoy eating. I enjoy it the most. It just doesn’t show on my weight because I refuse to think I’m a slave of food. I may love food but I’m not a pig, thank you. I just repeat that ten times when I’m tempted to eat more. Haha! When I think that  way it’s easier for me to stop eating when I need to.
  2. I eat until I’m 80% full. Food is so addicting. I may not be obese but I did have some episodes of food addiction. To other people it wouldn’t show but I can’t fool myself because I can feel my bulging stomach and my extra large thighs underneath my baggy clothes. When everyone is asleep, I would go out and buy food at the sari-sari store and eat to my heart’s content. When I do that I would feel so full and I would immediately be racked by guilt. Don’t we all know when we had too much? Others may have no idea but our conscience will always know. When I stopped eating until I feel my stomach’s full I lost that guilty feeling and lost that extra pounds too.
  3. I reward myself from time to time. It’s no use denying ourselves every time. Why? Sooner or later, we will lose the battle. Food is just too good to ignore. haha! So here’s my trick. I choose what food to indulge myself with. If our meal for the day is not something I particularly like – maybe my hubby or kids love it but I’m not such a fan – I just eat for nourishment. But when the food served is my favorite then I allow myself to get that extra cup of rice and eat like there’s no tomorrow. Actually, the “there’s no tomorrow” part I just reserve for eating outs and parties. haha! Here’s a real life example. The other day, I really liked our food. I think it was pork hamonado so I decided to get another serving of rice. At that moment, my husband walked in. He has been feeling happy after refusing an extra rice serving for his meal earlier so when he saw me redhanded he was like, “Aha, I see you get that extra rice.” Normally, I would feel guilty and acknowledge my moment of weakness but this time I just rolled my eyes at him and ate happily. I knew I had been eating just right the past few days and I can afford to eat for two maybe once or twice a week if I wanted. Here’s another one. Last weekend, I bought myself a chocolate. You know the biggest Cadbury they had in the grocery. That’s my favorite. To my husband’s horror I ate it in one sitting! I just laughed at him and enjoyed my chocolate.
  4. I breastfeed. This got to be the other half of the reason I lost weight. I admit there was a time I was doubting if I can really lose the extra pounds even while breastfeeding because all the breastfeeding was making me hungry too. But eventually, it proved true.  The truth is, I am quite alarmed at my present weight because apparently, I’m losing more calories than what I’m getting. Blame it on a greedy but super cute little boy that’s constantly looking for milk. That’s why I have to force myself to eat more from now on. Okay, I don’t really have to force myself, I will be doing it willingly. haha! But it’s only because I’m still breastfeeding.

So you see, I can still lose weight without denying myself. I just choose what I eat. It makes me happy because I still get to enjoy my meals, especially things I love. I don’t have to agonize if I can eat cake or pizza, I eat it because I can. Since I don’t miss the food that I don’t like then I didn’t really lose anything important, aside from that stubborn fat of course. 🙂

7 thoughts on “How I Went Back to My Pre-Pregnancy Weight and Even Lost 10 lbs. More!

  1. hanny

    You reminded me that we needed to buy a new weighing scale in house. I envy you. I am having a hard time loosing weight even though I am breastfeeding.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Hanny. How old is your baby? I was not losing weight too a couple of months before, in fact I gained weight pa to keep up with the demands of breastfeeding. Maybe you have to wait a couple more months to see the results. 🙂

  2. Jhari

    I was shocked at first, I thought it’s you on the weighing scale. I’m weighing 43-45kg (94-99 lbs). That’s my normal weight. When I was pregnant with my eldest, before giving birth I was 63kg (139 lbs). Then to my second I was under weight. Before giving birth I was only 52kg (114 lbs). But Thank God Alhamdulillah, my baby was normal naman. Breastfeeding talaga helps a lot. For me sis, as long as you’re healthy and not sick, ok lang yan. Happy happy 🙂

  3. Gaylee

    Wow! Lucky you for losing weight without much effort Sis. We do not have a weighing scale at home but we do have one in the office which my kikay officemates and I is fond of stepping on every Monday, haha! You are right, I’ll try to do your #s 1-3. I’m way past the 4th one, my youngest is already 4 yrs. old, haha! But I did breastfeed him for a year and sad to say it didn’t caused any change on my weight then, huhu!

  4. Aileen

    Obviously, no. 4 is not for me hehehe….I had to make changes with eating habits and that helped, plus exercise of course. Sis, you are underweight nga because I am only 5’3″ and my lowest should be around 114 lbs lang ata…but I try not to go below 116 lbs…It’s got to do with overall look also. Lower than that weight, I would probably look haggard na hehehe…

    I realize that once you reach your ideal weight, you gotta make a balancing act already to maintain that…which is tricky sometimes.

  5. Marie

    Wow! Iremember when I was breastfeeding, I can eat anything and wont gain any haha. Once I stopped though and ate the way I did, all those pounds found a way in my body haha


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