How Do You Keep your Linens and Pillows Smelling Fresh in Between Washes?

How do you keep your pillows and linen smelling fresh and clean? After using these a minimum of eight hours every night, we can’t help but end up with pillows and linens that don’t smell too good.

I remember my late Grandma used to bring out our pillows and dry them under the hot sun to make it smelling fresh and like new again. My hubby’s grandmother also does the same with their pillows. She puts the pillow on top of the roof once a month to dry. Sure enough, after a whole day under the sun the pillows come out smelling clean again. No need to wash in the washing machine or buy new ones. This technique is tried and tested.

As for the linens, here’s what I saw yesterday at Zen Zest.


This affordable Linen Fragrance can make your sheets smelling fresh in between washes. It’s affordable too at less than P200. Hubby noticed right away when he went to bed last night. Of course, I was happy he noticed. I just hope he’ll let me buy those fine linens I’ve been eyeing at so we can have beautiful sheets too.

How about you? How do you keep your linens and pillows smelling clean in between washes?

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