Failed Shopping at Uniqlo

Here’s the latest rage in the city – none other than the newly opened Uniqlo store at MOA. I was actually at MOA on the first day it opened (the day we had lunch at Vikings) and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the line snaked all the way through the second floor.

But the next time we were there which was two weeks ago there was no more line outside so hubby and I took a peek.

uniqlo sm moa

uniqlo moa

I saw some nice polo shirts that would be perfect for hubby. He liked it too so he went to the fitting room to try it on while I was left to browse and check on their other items. I wanted to see if they sold matouk bedlinens – quality bed linens I heard so much about – that I could use on our bed. But unfortunately, saw no bedlinen, apparently they only sell clothes and shoes.

Anyway, few seconds later I was surprised when he came back. He said the line was too long. I checked and saw there was indeed a line to the fitting room but it was not that long. In my opinion, it was still very manageable. But my husband would hear none of it and left.

Oh well, men are from mars and women are from venus. If that were me I would gladly fall in line just to try on clothes I like.

10 thoughts on “Failed Shopping at Uniqlo

  1. Samantha

    Just like my hubby. Doesn’t like lines and doesn’t even know how to look for bargains! Hahaha! Girlfriends talaga ang the best kasama pag nag-shopping.

  2. Jhari

    Iba talaga pag bago. Dinudumog muna. If you want, you can visit them probably in the early morning. Yung tipong kakabukas pa lang ng MOA. Or if I were u sis, better wait for a month until the excitement takes down.

  3. MsKatrina

    I hate standing in lines too so I may have walked away too. I have stood in so many lines in my lifetime that I refuse to volunteer any more of my time and energy.

  4. monleg

    i was planning to visit uniqlo’s at MOA but decided not to go thinking that I and thousands of other bargain hunters have the same plans. Bingo. I was right. Anyways, Novak Djokovic, the current World No. 1 tennis player, is one of Uniqlo’s endorsers.


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