Drum Beats

Our baby has always been exposed to guitars in the house. This is understandable because his Dad is a guitarist and his elder brother wants to follow in their Dad’s footsteps. We were not surprised anymore when the youngest wanted to play the guitar too and emulate the other boys in the house.

What surprised us, however, was the fact that he also has a penchant for playing drums. This is what he did when got hold of some drum sticks one day. He might not have access to drum heads but he sure acted like he was in front of one.

drum sticks



Hubby swears he already has an unmistakable beat at an early age. This made my husband so happy. He knows that his two boys are following at his footsteps.

11 thoughts on “Drum Beats

  1. Sumi

    Wow! Your boys are really talented.. 🙂 Hope your little angel will start learning drums soon. It’d be so nice to see a dad and sons band.. ^^

  2. verna

    Daddy must be really proud. 😀
    I remember my little brother who showed interest in playing the drums at an early age, my dad and lola got excited din. They even bought him a real drum. After some time, we gave up. HAHA. He plays it nonstop. We decided to hide it. After all, he needs to focus on his studies na.

    1. admin Post author

      Oh, kayo pala ng give up I thought hung una you’re little brother. haha! Thank God hindi into drums si hubby kundi lagot na. haha

  3. Mommy Maye

    Cute! I am planning to buy a piano for my son, last year pa dapat but since baby pa sya we decided to postpone it. Maybe this coming December we can finally buy for him. His Dad wants to learn how to play guitar too and mommy wants to learn the piano naman so 3 na kami mag-aaral nyan. haha

  4. promding chamimay

    my boy’s loving the guitar too… and loves to bang on things too… so i thought baka ganun lang talaga baby boys these days…. 🙂 im happy to see another baby boy here loving the guitar and the drums too! 🙂

  5. Farida

    It’s rewarding seeing the kids following on their parent’s footsteps. I guess since music in the family and the exposure too, it is not a wonder if he plays the guitar soon 😀


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